Filter, Regulator, & Lubricator for ClipsShop CSTIDY Grommet Presses
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Filter, Regulator, & Lubricator for ClipsShop CSTIDY Grommet Presses

  • Compatible Equipment: ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 and CSTIDY-51 Grommet Press
  • FRL filters our debris, dust, and moisture before they enter the CSTIDY grommet press.
  • Tools Needed for Assembly: Screwdriver (Phillips)
  • Lubricator
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The ClipsShop FRL is compatible with the CSTIDY-41 grommet press and CSTIDY-51, and provides a trio of functions to help protect the pneumatic components of your machine. The "F" stands for filter; it prevents moisture and debris from travelling from your air compressor storage tank or air lines into the CSTIDY. The "R" stands for regulator; it regulates the amount of air that comes from your air pressure, keeping it below the maximum of 120 PSI. And the "L" stands for lubricator.
These functions protect your investment from damage that could potentially lead to costly repairs, or even irreparable damage to the pneumatic components. The FRL is easily mounted onto your machine, and eliminates any fumbling or air-leaks traditionally associated with quick-disconnects. It will ensure your air flow remains at the perfect pressure consistently, so your operations never slow down. A quick-release slide valve gives you the control to cut off incoming air and discharge the air in the cylinder, as needed.
Always remember to release the air at the end of a shift, and make any adjustments to the machine (including die install or changes) with the no air pressure.


Manufacturer Part Number8680211760607
Included Supplies & AccessoriesFRL assembly
Stainless steel mounting plate
8mm black connection tube
1/4" NPT air pressure quick-release sliding check valve
1/4" to 8mm push-to-connect hose fitting
1/4" to 1/8" reducer
Tools Needed for AssemblyScrewdriver (Phillips)
Compatible EquipmentClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Grommet Press
ClipsShop CSTIDY-51 Grommet Press
Shipping Weight (lbs)0.5


With the ClipsShop FRL Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator Assembly, you can protect your valuable machine investment, while also giving your operator more control. Compatible with the CSTIDY-41 pneumatic grommet press, this optional accessory helps prevent damage to the pneumatic components of the machine, that can sometimes occur naturally from air compressors.

Functions & Features:

   • Filter - The FRL filters our debris, dust, and moisture before they enter the CSTIDY grommet press. Whether from the tank or air lines of your air compressor, the filter provides a peace of mind and added security that these harmful particles will not enter your machine.
   • Regulator - The FRL regulates the PSI that comes from your air pressure, ensuring that it does not exceed the maximum recommended of 120 PSI for the CSTIDY. Higher PSI's can cause damage to the machine.
   • Lubricator

Safety Notes:

Any adjustments to the CSTIDY, including (but not limited to) changing out or installing dies, should always be performed without air pressure. In addition, pressure should be released and emptied after each use; to do so, just slide the quick release valve to both cut off incoming air, as well as discharge any air in the cylinder.

Included with the FRL package:

   • FRL Cylinder + Assembly
   • Stainless Steel Mounting Plate
   • Black Connection Tube (8mm)
   • NPT Air Pressure Quick-Release Sliding Check Valve (1/4")
   • Push-to-Connect Hose Fitting (1/4" to 8mm)
   • Reducer (1/4" to 1/8")

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