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Stimpson 405 Grommet Die Adapter


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When you buy the Stimpson 405 die adapter online from Binding101, you can stop buying expensive Stimpson grommets and dies, and start using our ClipsShop dies and grommets, made of high-quality brass, but much less expensive. With this die adapter, your press is quickly and easily converted to accept our dies and grommets, without making any permanent modifications to the press. Simply choose the self-piercing die set that matches your grommet size, and mount it to the Stimpson 405 Press with our adapter. Owning a Stimpson 405 grommet press no longer means you are limited to Stimpson brand supplies; with this unique adapter you can reduce the cost of your grommet consumables, and increase your grommeting versatility today.

To Install the Adapter
   ① Remove the Stimpson die set with allen wrenches
   ② Attach the die adapter and tighten with allen wrench (no spring needed)
   ③ Install ClipsShop dies and grommets, and use the machine as-usual

Qty/Pack : 1
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Die Adapter FAQs

Q: What machine does this work with?
This die adapter attaches to the Stimpson 405 grommet press and converts it in a way that allows for use with our grommet dies and grommets, eliminating the proprietary requirements of the machine and offering you more choices in consumables.

Product Description

If you are looking to reduce the cost of grommets, but your Stimpson 405 grommet press has limited you to the Stimpson brand of grommets, we can help. Binding101 is proud to introduce an exclusive die adaptor that is engineered to convert your Stimpson 405 grommet press to allow for use with non-proprietary ClipsShop consumable items. Our easy-to-install die adapter is made to fit perfectly on the Stimpson 405 without any permanent modifications. Installing this adapter will allow you the versatility to use any of Binding101’s stainless steel, self-piercing ClipsShop grommet dies and high quality grommets. You will no longer be limited to the Stimpson brand. Simply choose the self-piercing die set that matches your required grommet size and mount it to the Stimpson 405 Press with our adapter. You are now ready to save money by using Binding101’s high-quality solid brass grommets, available in many different sizes and colors.

How To Install Die Adapter:
   ① Remove the Stimpson die set from your Stimpson 405 using an allen wrench
   ② Attach the die adapter and tighten it with an allen wrench. The spring is not needed.
   ③ Install the ClipsShop dies and insert the grommet of your choice. You can now use the machine as-usual. It is that simple.


Quantity 1
Manufacturer Clipsshop
Manufacturer Part Number 8680211768450
Shipping Weight (lbs) 3
Compatible Supplies Grommets
Setting Dies
Color Silver
Compatible Equipment Stimpson 405 Hand Press
Material Stainless Steel

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