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#12 Grommet Hand-Setting Tool Kit (For 1 ½" ClipsShop Grommets)


#12 Grommet Hand-Setting Tool Kit
How to Use #12 Grommet Hand-Setting Tool Kit
#12 Grommet Hand-Setting Tool Kit In-Use
Choose from 4 Different Grommet Colors
Large Grommets used for Curtains
Grommets used for fashion and bags
Grommets used for banners & signs

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Product Name Price Qty
#12 Grommet Hand-Setting Tool Kit - Antique Brass Item#05GRO12HSTKAB
#12 Grommet Hand-Setting Tool Kit - Black Oxide Item#05GRO12HSTKBO
#12 Grommet Hand-Setting Tool Kit - Brass Item#05GRO12HSTKBR
#12 Grommet Hand-Setting Tool Kit - Nickel Item#05GRO12HSTKNI


For users who only have one application, such as curtain grommets, this 1 ½", #12 hand setting tool kit is an economical solution as compared to spending thousands of dollars on press machines capable of handling this extra large size. The kit comes with two grommet dies (1 hole piercing die and 1 two-piece grommet setting die), a poly cutting board and a starter pack of 100 grommets in your choice of color. To accomplish hand grommeting of these large grommets, you will need a rubber mallet (not included) and a strong, steady work base. Start adding grommets to curtains, fashion and more when you buy the #12 grommet hand-setting tool kit online today.

How to Instructions:
① Lay your material on top of the included cutting pad where you want the hole
② Position the cutting die on top of the material and cutting pad
③ With a heavy rubber mallet (not included), firmly hit the top of the die
④ Lay the grommet on the bottom of the setting die with the face of the flange in the groove and the shaft sticking up
⑤ Lay the hole you cut over the grommet shaft
⑥ Place the washer over the flange, with the spurs touching your material
⑦ Carefully center the top setting die and press down
⑧ Hit the top die with your mallet until the grommet crimps around the washer

#12 Grommet Hand-Setting Tool Kit

#12 Grommet Hand-Setting Tool Kit (For 1 ½" ClipsShop Grommets)




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