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ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Pneumatic Grommet Press

Item #: 04GRCSTIDY41-GRP

ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Pheumatic Grommet Press with Button + Foot Pedal
ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Grommet Press Features
ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Options
ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Compatible Die Types
ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Air Line Options
ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Close-Up, with Die (Not Included)
ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Button Option
ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Foot Pedal Option

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Product Name Price Qty
ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Pneumatic Grommet Press [With Push Button] Item#04GRCSTIDY41B
ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Pneumatic Grommet Press [With Foot Pedal] Item#04GRCSTIDY41F
ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Pneumatic Grommet Press [With Push Button & Foot Pedal] Item#04GRCSTIDY41A


With the ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 you get the power and strength of a pneumatic grommet setting machine, but with the affordability and ease of use of a desktop unit. This grommet press machine is perfect for businesses who need to cut holes and set grommets in one-step through a variety of materials, including traditional vinyl signs, laminated sheets, tarps, flags, banners, truck covers, awnings, industrial fabrics, posters, and more. Safe for anyone in your shop to use, the CSTIDY-41 has a simple OSHA-compliant safety guard and manual triggering mechanism. Efficient and accurate, this grommetting unit has a convenient waste collection drawer and requires no electricity to work. Compatible with grommet sizes from #XX00 through #5.5 using the special, proprietary self-cleaning dies.

If you've been looking for a pneumatic grommet press, but want something compact and portable, easy to use, and accurate, then buy the CSTIDY-41 online today. Pair it with an 8 bar air compressor (minimum) and start producing the highest quality grommet materials for your business. Choose from 3 different versions of the CSTIDY-41 below; either with a push-button activation, foot pedal activation, or a combo unit that offers both. The benefit of the foot pedal is that it leaves both of your hands free to handle the media being grommetted.






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