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ClipsShop CSHAP-1 Hand Grommet Pliers Kit

Item #: CSHAP1-GRP

Hand grommet pliers make grommeting simple, fast, and convenient. They are a great portable grommet setting solution for when you need to travel, and will handle traditional vinyl sign materials. This kit includes 1 set of pliers, 1 die in your choice of size (#1 5/16", or #2 3/8") and your choice of either brass or nickel grommets (in the same size as the die). The CSHAP-1 grommet pliers only weigh about 1 ½ lbs, making them easy to handle, travel with and store when not in use because of their small size, but are still made with heavy-duty quality. Using these grommeting pliers is simple: just install the die and grommets, and squeeze the handle around your material. In one step it will cut a hole and set your grommet so a fast and convenient solution.

Product Name Price Qty
CSHAP-1 Grommet Pliers Kit [with #1 5/16" Die &100 Brass Grommets] Item#04GROMCSHAP11B
CSHAP-1 Grommet Pliers Kit [with #1 5/16" Die &100 Nickel Grommets] Item#04GROMCSHAP11N
CSHAP-1 Grommet Pliers Kit [with #2 3/8" Die &100 Brass Grommets] Item#04GROMCSHAP12B
CSHAP-1 Grommet Pliers Kit [with #2 3/8" Die &100 Nickel Grommets] Item#04GROMCSHAP12N

ClipsShop CSHAP-1 FAQs

Q: Can I use my other ClipsShop dies with these grommet pliers?
No, the CSHAP-1 uses specialized dies that are different from the other ClipsShop dies. Your kit includes one die of your choice, and you can purchase a separate die to allow for full capabilities. CSHAP-1 dies come in either #1 (5/16") size or #2 (3/8") size.


Q: Can I use the CSHAP-1 for a variety of applications, like fabrics and other materials?
The CSHAP-1 grommet pliers were meant to be used for basic grommeting of the most popular material, which is vinyl sign material. It might work for other materials, however, does not have all the capabilities of a normal hand press and may not perform quality grommeting on any other material. Note that there is no separate hole-piercing die, however, grommeting into a variety of materials will be easier if you pre-punch the hole.


Product Description


With the lightweight ClipsShop CSHAP-1 grommet pliers you can set #1 and #2 grommets without the need for a bulky or heavy grommet press machine. These handheld pliers are heavy duty and weigh less than two pounds. This hand press is perfect for travelling and can be easily stored while not in use because of its small size. Setting grommets with these hand pliers is simple and effective. Just install the die (#1 or #2 included, customer's choice), place the grommets on the die (100 grommets in your color choise, either brass or nickel), and while keeping the pliers horizontal, place your material between the grommets and pull the hand lever. Because the pressure is controlled by the operator, it may be difficult to go through thicker materials, so we recommend these handheld grommet setters be used for thin materials such as laminates, tarps, and sign vinyls.

Key Features:
   • Choose from either a #1 or #2 die (included in your kit)
   • Choose from either brass or nickel grommets (100 pack included in your kit)
   • Lightweight aluminum frame weighing less than 1.5 lbs
   • Easy to handle, practical grommet press
   • Perfect for most vinyl sign and similar thin materials
   • 3 ¼" throat depth for setting grommets deeper into materials
   • Compatible with #1 and #2 CSHAP-1 self-piercing grommets, so you punch a hole and set the grommet in one step


Manufacturer ClipsShop
Manufacturer Part Number CSHAP1 GRP
Operating Method Manual
Included Supplies & Accessories 1 Pair of CSHAP-1 Grommet Pliers
1 Die Set (Choose #1 or #2)
1 Pack of 100 Grommets (Choose Brass or Nickel)
Compatible Supplies & Accessories #1 [5/16"] Grommets
#2 [3/8"] Grommets
#1 CSHAP-1 Plier Dies
#2 CSHAP-1 Plier Dies
Note: Not compatible with standard ClipsShop dies; only compatible with CSHAP-1 specialized dies
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited [Defective]
Dimensions 1" D x 5 ¼" W x 10 ½" H
6 ½" Lever Length
Quantity 1 Kit
Product Type Grommet Presses
Minimum Grommet Size #1 [5/16"]
Maximum Grommet Size #2 [3/8"]
Throat Depth 3 ¼" [80mm]
Product Weight (lbs) 1.5
Shipping Weight (lbs) 2

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