Coil Inserters

Inserting spiral binding coils by-hand is time consuming and can be a hassle when working with larger volumes. So if you need to make the process more efficient and less irritating, consider adding a coil inserter to your arsenal. These electric finishing machines roll your coils through those holes by using one or two-rollers that are controlled with either a foot pedal or a push-button on the system. Just roll the coil through the first few holes by-hand, and then hold the book with the spiral against the rollers to quickly spin the spine through the rest of the holes; pull the book away once it is all the way though and finish each end with a coil crimper, which some machines may have integrated into the system as well.

Inserters make a drastic difference in speed and can help your business, school, church, or corporation achieve unprecedented new levels of production speed. With the time that is freed up, your operation can work on other projects. In addition to the time these systems can save you, they also eliminate the frustration of having to manually spin in each coil through 44 holes (the standard number of holes on a letter size paper). Rolling by-hand, especially thicker documents, gets irritating as the coil can catch and need “wiggling free” time and time again. A spiral inserter solves this problem and alleviates the stress associated with manual coil insertion.

There are a couple of different configurations to choose from; some machines may have dual rollers that are stationary, while others have one stationary and one movable roller. The benefit of an adjustable roller is that it lets you set the machine for the specific diameter of coil you are binding with. This precise, fine-tuning ensures that the machine is perfectly aligned for your individual job or project, and can prevent catching and jams of the coil. The stationary rollers work well primarily for thinner booklets, but are not recommended for any thicker documents that would benefit from more specifically-tuned roller locations.

Depending on the model, you may also see that the coil inserter has an integrated crimping function. It may come with a set of hand pliers, or it may have an electric crimper instead. Manual crimping pliers work fine for a lot of operations, but when working with the volumes that warrant an inserter, we highly recommend an electric crimper as well. This added feature reduces operator strain and ensures that every single book is finished perfectly and consistently with ease and efficiency. You may also notice that some of our spiral inserting machines have other features, like coil diameter selectors to help you choose the best spiral size for your document, and pitch selectors, that tell you what pitch of coil you have when you hold it up to them.

No matter your specific industry or use, these electrical spiral coil inserting systems can take your mid- to high-volume coil book manufacturing to an entirely new level of productivity and ease-of-use.

We offer only top-rated brand names, including Akiles, Tamerica, Rhin-O-Tuff, and more. Our nearly 90 years in the industry combined with our world-renowned partnerships make Binding101 the best place to buy an electric coil inserter on the web. You can browse the entire collection below, or give our team a call at (866) 537-2244 if you want some guidance to the best machine for your individual needs.

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  1. James Burn CB30QS Automatic Coil Inserter & Crimper

    • Speed: Up to 600 Books per Hour
    • Compatible Coils: 8 to 20 mm Plastic Coils (up to 30mm with large coil kit)
    • Paper Size: 5"-12" or 17" Binding Edge (Depending on Model)
    • Choose from 12" or 17" models
    • Free Shipping $75+
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  2. Akiles Roll-@-Coil Plastic Spiral Binding Coil Inserter

    • Fast and efficient electric coil inserting machine that will speed up the process of binding, as compared with manually rolling the coils in.
    • Use it with spiral coils from 6mm to 30mm.
    • Operating: Electric
    • Binding Capacity: 230 Sheets


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $36/mo.Learn More >

  3. Akiles Finish-@-Coil M Electric Coil Inserter with Manual Cutter Crimper Pliers

    • Electric inserting rollers / manual crimping.
    • Foot pedal operation leaves both hands free to handle your book.
    • Included cutter crimper pliers and storage compartment.
    • Adjustable roller for different coil diameters.


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $40/mo.Learn More >

  4. Akiles Finish-@-Coil E1 Electric Spiral Binding Coil Inserter & Electric Crimper

    • Easiest-to-use spiral binding finisher that you can find on the market today.
    • Providing the maximum productivity & best results while requiring minimum efforts from the operator.
    • Operating: Electric
    • Compatible Supplies & Accessories: 4:1 Pitch Spiral Binding Coils


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $78/mo.Learn More >

  5. Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX HD4170 Electric "Rhin-O-Roll" Coil Inserter Module

    • Features two 12" dual powered rollers.
    • Lower roller is adjustable allowing you to set it for different coil sizes, making inserting extremely easy, accurate and efficient.
    • Can be used as a stand-alone coil inserter for assembly-line use.
    • Includes free crimper pliers and a built-in storage holder.


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $155/mo.Learn More >

  6. GBC CC2700 Modular Electric Coil Inserter - 7301080

    • Can be stacked on any GBC modular punch
    • Binds books from 3" wide to 12" wide
    • Up to a 1" binding capacity
    • Documents lay flat or fully wrap around for easy use.


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $190/mo.Learn More >

  7. GBC CI12 Electric Coil Inserter with 2-Sided Manual Crimper - 323000000

    • Multiple spine-size settings for faster operation
    • Adjustable cutting and crimping for secure results
    • Ergonomic lever ensures smooth and easy crimping
    • Binds sheets up to 12"


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $385/mo.Learn More >

  8. James Burn Koilmatic Automatic Coil Inserter & Crimper

    • Paper Size: 8 1/2", 11", A5, & A4 Binding Edges
    • Maximum Book Thickness: Up to 5/8" Thick
    • Speed: Up to 450 Books per Hour
    • Setup Time: Less than 5 Minutes


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $1,919/mo.Learn More >

8 Items

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