Coil Crimpers

Coil crimpers achieve the final step of spiral binding, cutting and crimping-in the ends of the coil spines so they don't roll out of the book. There are manual crimping pliers, which are the most popular choice, as well as electric machines for higher volume users, and even industrial systems that make the process faster and more efficient for production-level users.

Crimping is an essential step in the spiral binding process; it is the finishing move that makes the document function. Because a spiral coil is shaped like a spring and rolled through punched holes, the coil can roll out of those holes just as easily as it is rolled in. When you use a crimper to finish both ends, however, you prevent that from happening.

Crimper pliers are very affordable and simple to use. They have a little red dot on one side that indicates how to face them (the red dot should be up at all times), and you just squeeze them to both cut and crimp the ends. This process is easy, but it can be a strain on the user’s hand and wrist when you have to do a lot of books at a time. If you work with larger volumes, then we recommend an electric crimper instead which takes the hassle and strain completely out of the picture; just hold your book up to the crimper and press the foot pedal. Both hands are left free to handle the document, which also lends to faster production. In the collection below you may also see some combination machines that offer both electric inserting and electric crimping. Your choice will just depend on your volume and the kind of functionality your operation requires.

When it comes to crimping, there is no better place to buy than Binding101. Our selection includes only the best-in-class machines and tools that can help your business or organization reduce operator strain and increase efficiency. We have nearly 90 years of industry experience and are partnered with the best brand names in the business, including Akiles, James Burn, and more. If you need assistance, please give us a call at (866) 537-2244; we would be happy to help you find the best coil crimper for your individual needs.

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  1. Cutting & Crimping Pliers For Spiral Binding Coil

    • Cuts and crimps coil sizes from 6mm to 50mm
    • Designed to cut & crimp plastic spiral binding coil elements with one quick squeeze of your hand
    • Inexpensive and easy way to finish your coil bound books
    • Quantity: 1


  2. Akiles Finish-@-Coil E1 Electric Spiral Binding Coil Inserter & Electric Crimper

    • Easiest-to-use spiral binding finisher that you can find on the market today.
    • Providing the maximum productivity & best results while requiring minimum efforts from the operator.
    • Operating: Electric
    • Compatible Supplies & Accessories: 4:1 Pitch Spiral Binding Coils


  3. Akiles Crimp-@-Coil Two Sided Electric Spiral Binding Crimper

    • It works with a full range of spiral coil sizes, and will quickly and easily crimp all coils sizes from 6mm through 50mm.
    • Operation: Electric
    • Speed: 54 Cycles / Minute
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 1 Side Crimping: No limit, 2 Side Crimping: 18"


  4. Marlon 350A Pneumatic Spiral Coil Cutter/Crimper

    • Minimum binding edge is 3 1/2 inches
    • Maximum binding edge is14 inches
    • 50 cycles per minute
    • Cutter blade included with machine cuts 8 mm through 50 mm coil


  5. James Burn Koilmatic Automatic Coil Inserter & Crimper

    • Paper Size: 8 1/2", 11", A5, & A4 Binding Edges
    • Maximum Book Thickness: Up to 5/8" Thick
    • Speed: Up to 450 Books per Hour
    • Setup Time: Less than 5 Minutes


  6. James Burn CB30QS Automatic Coil Inserter & Crimper

    • Speed: Up to 600 Books per Hour
    • Compatible Coils: 8 to 20 mm Plastic Coils
    • Paper Size: 5" to 12" Binding Edge, or 5" to 17" Binding Edge (Depending on Model)
    • Choose from 12" or 17" models

    Starting at: $24,999.00

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    James Burn CB30QS 12" Automatic Coil Inserter Item#04JBCB30QS04JBCB30QS
    James Burn CB30QS 17" Automatic Coil Inserter Item#04JBCB30QS1704JBCB30QS17

6 Items

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