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James Burn CB30QS Automatic Coil Inserter & Crimper

Item #: 04JBCB30QS-GRP

James Burn CB30QS Automatic Coil Inserter + Crimper
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James Burn CB30QS Coil Formers
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CB30QS Coil Binding Machine
James Burn CB30QS
James Burn CB30QS All Controls
James Burn CB30QS - Front Right of Machine
James Burn CB30QS - Right of Machine
James Burn CB30QS - Front of Machine
James Burn CB30QS - Inside of Machine
James Burn CB30QS Automatic Coil Inserter & Crimpers

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Product Name Price Qty
James Burn CB30QS 12" Automatic Coil Inserter Item#04JBCB30QS
James Burn CB30QS 17" Automatic Coil Inserter Item#04JBCB30QS17


Automate your spiral binding finishing process with the CB30QS automatic coil inserting and crimping machine. This rugged coil finisher will automatically insert the coil into your punched pages, cut the coil to size, and crimp the ends in, finishing the documents perfectly, every time. It will run at speeds up to 600 documents per hour* and can handle spiral binding coil sizes from 8mm to 20mm, as well as 6mm and 7mm with the optional crimping head kit. It is easy to use with simple controls, and requires no tools or complicated training for setup and operation. Changing over between sizes is completed in just a few seconds, lending to the speed and usability of this machine. The CB30QS is a compact and low-maintenance machine that automates the coil finishing process at an affordable price. Buy the CB30QS online today for your large volume print shop, trade bindery, digital on-demand store, or large office today and start producing the highest quality books quickly and easily. Choose from two different CB30QS models: one that can handle from 5" to 12" binding edges, and one that can handle 5" to 17" binding edges for wider format books.






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