Top 5 Comb Binding Machines of 2019

December 9, 2019

Top 5 Comb Binding Machines of 2019

In the realm of book binding, combs persist as one of the most popular methods for creating professional documents. We offer comb binding machines at every price point, to ensure that customers like you gain access to cutting-edge technology while staying within your budget. Our goal at Binding101 has always been to try to simply the buying process for our users, making it easy for them to choose. So as 2019 comes to a close, we've gathered a list of our top 5 plastic gbc comb binding machines to get the job done right. These models have high customer ratings, and will help you achieve a more streamlines workflow through the printing, binding, and finishing process.

  1. Megabind-M - The Akiles MegaBind-1 is an industry-loved comb binding machine that offers durability to lower volume workloads, all at a fair price. The ideal manual binding machine for school classrooms and small offices with small, weekly plastic binding needs, the MegaBind manual binder has easy-to-use features that make is a great machine for locations with multiple users. It can handle paper up to 14" long legal sheets, as well as even longer when you utilize the open ended punching feed. It can also punch and bind for the entire size range of plastic binding combs.
  2. CombMac-EX - The Akiles CombMac-EX is a new and innovative electric punch and manual comb opener for plastic comb binding spines. Built for medium-duty users who might bind daily, but not all day, this attractive new comb binding machine makes a great addition to any office. This cost-effective electric plastic binder is considered a "plus" machine, which means that all of the 24 punching pins can be disengaged. It has been made with the same high quality parts and mechanics as the Akiles CombMac-24E, but has been built with a smaller motor, which greatly reduces the cost and provides an economical choice for anyone who wants the convenience of high-quality electric punching at a lower price point.
  3. EcoBind-C - The Akiles EcoBind-C is an affordable way to bind with plastic binding combs. This all-in-one machine does both punching and binding and offers several features making it quick and easy to produce a professionally bound book. The compact design and user friendly operation makes it a great fit for schools and small offices. A great starter binding machine, buy the Akiles EcoBind-C manual plastic comb punch & binding machine online.
  4. MegaBind-1E - If you want to expand your daily binding requirements for medium to high volume needs, and want a quality, industry-tested machine, then consider the Akiles MegaBind-1E electric binding machine. The foot pedal operated electric binding punch will power through up to 20 sheets* at a time and leaves both of your hands free to handle the books and comb binding spines. The 14" open ended feed opening allows for longer sheets to be punched, while fully disengageable punching pins let you prevent the machine from punching specific holes, which is important for any non-standard sheet sizes.
  5. AlphaBind-CE - For offices with medium-duty binding needs, about every week or so, the Akiles AlphaBind-CE comb binder is a good solution. The electric punching relieves the strain from any operator and speeds up the process. It can punch through up to 20 sheets* at a time, and works great for offices that primarily use letter size sheets and smaller. The punch pins can be disengaged, which allows for the smaller and odd sheet sizes without the hassle of half-punched holes. The foot pedal punching leaves both hands free to handle the books. Buy the Akiles AlphaBind-CE electric comb punch & manual binding machine online today.

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