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VeloBind® Binding supplies were created specifically for the legal industry because of it's permanent, tamper-proof bind. VeloBind® is the most secure of all binding methods. Using a Hot Knife VeloBind® Binding Machine, a set of hard plastic VeloBind Binding Strips are heat-sealed together, locking in every page permanently. VeloBind Binding offers a professional look without staples, glue or chemicals. With VeloBind Binding Supplies, it is easy to achieve consistently attractive and professional results.

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  1. Velo Binding Strips (Box of 100)

    • Professional and look incredibly clean on your finished document.
    • Completely cover up the punched holes, for a smooth look.
    • It is narrow, so does not cover up much of your cover pages, so you have more room to display text and media on your covers.
    • Visible strips are also not very tall.

    Starting at: $19.99

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  2. Velo Bind Pre-Punched Paper (Case of 5,000)

    • Sheet Size: 8-1/2" x 11" [Letter Size]
    • Holes: Choose 11-hole (11" edge) or 9-Hole (8-1/2" edge)
    • Paper Stock: 20 lb. bond
    • Qty: 5,000 Sheets/Case

    Starting at: $79.00

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  3. Velo Bind Debinder

    • Used to remove hot knife velo binding strips from bound documents
    • Manual method gets results right away
    • Blade is strong and sharp enough to sever all of the peg connectors on the strip
    • A must tool for Book editing and re-binding


  4. Velo Bind Pre-Punched Vinyl Report Covers (Pack of 100)

    • 15 pt. thick vinyl cover.
    • Features a leather-like texture and look.
    • Cover Siz:e 8 1/2" x 11" with Square Corners
    • Available in 11 holes along the 11" binding edge or 9 holes along the top 8 1/2" edge.

    Starting at: $49.89

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5 Items

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