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There are few things more pleasing than a well-bound book. With our selection of perfect binding supplies (also called paperback binding or soft cover binding supplies), you can create a high quality bound book you can be proud of with every creation. When you combine these supplies with your perfect binding machine, you are ready to start making professional soft cover bound books sure to make anyone think you are a professional printer. Whether you plan on creating just a few books or a hundred books, find everything you need for this important task right here.

Also sometimes called soft cover book binding supplies, we offer a selection of high-quality perfect binding glue and spine tape to make tape-bound books that will be seamlessly compatible with select machines. Let Binding101 be your perfect binding supplier; whether you are self-publishing books, or just creating unique soft cover books for client presentations, we have everything you need to get the job done, and to get it done right. Aside from the perfect binding equipment itself, the supplies you use are of paramount importance to the appearance, quality, and durability of the finished product. While the perfect binding cover is the first thing most people will notice, the quality of the hold is crucial because it will help the book stay together while giving it a better feel in the hand while reading. We offer several choices to help ensure this result by way of items such as specialty binding glue for use with DB-280 and DB-290 perfect binding machines, side compartment glue, adhesives, and several choices for spine tapes to help you get the right outcome. With options ranging from smaller bags for smaller projects to larger bulk bags for bigger jobs, get exactly how much you need to bring your books to life.

Need help finding supplies for your machine? Call us at (866) 537-2244 or email and our customer service team would be happy to help you find the soft cover binding supplies you are looking for or answer any questions you may have while shopping with us.

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Perfect Binding

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  1. Fastbind Hot Melt Binding Glue [EVA & PUR Glue] (Price per Box)

    • Compatible with Fastbind hot melt binding machines
    • Choose from EVA and PUR glue
    • Choose from 3 sizes: 2.2 lbs, 5 lbs, 28.6 lbs
    • Works for binding hard covers, soft covers, and notepads

    Starting at: $60.79

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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    Fastbind EVA Glue (5 lbs) Item#30FAHOT5LB30FAHOT5LB
    Fastbind EVA Glue (28.6 lbs) Item#30FAHOT28EVA30FAHOT28EVA
    Fastbind PUR Glue (2.2 lbs) Item#30FAHOTPUR30FAHOTPUR
  2. Spine Tape for Standard BQ-P60 (Box of 100)

    • Compatible with Standard Horizon PQ-P6, BQ-P60, and BQ-P160 perfect binding machines.
    • Tape bound books are completely flat once bound
    • 11" long and 1-9/16" wide
    • Choose from either white or black, both in a premium material for a great finished book

    Starting at: $7.19

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  3. Standard BQ-P60 Perfect Binding Adhesive (50 lb Bx)

    • Adhesive for your Standard Horizon BQ-P60 perfect binding machine.
    • Color: White
    • Quantity: 1 Box [50 lbs.]
    • Manufacturer Part Number: BQ-BWA


  4. Duplo DB-290 Binding Glue (22 lbs.)

    • Manufactured by Duplo specifically for the DB-290 perfect binding machine
    • Specially formulated and recently improved to provide the strongest hold available
    • Must only be used in the side glue compartment of the DB-290 or the side-glue option on the DB-280.
    • Packaged in a 22 lb. box


  5. Standard BQ-P60 HM-302 Adhesive (11 lb Bx)

    • White adhesive that offers a more preferable look when padding.
    • Compatible with the BQ-P6 Perfect Binder/Padder/Tape Binder and BQ-P60 Perfect Binder/Padder/Tape Binder.
    • Color: Clear
    • Quantity: 1 Box [11 lbs.]


  6. Standard BQ-P6 P6-1100 Adhesive (11 lb Bx)

    • Model P6-1100 padding adhesive
    • Compatible with Standard BQ-P6 padding machin
    • Specialized binding glue made specifically for this top-quality equipment.
    • Quantity: 1 Box with 11 lbs of glue


  7. Duplo DB-290 Tape Binding Spine Strips [1 ¹/₅" W x 11" H, Black] (100 / Pk)

    • Compatible with Duplo USA DB-290 perfect binder
    • Color: Black
    • Recommended Book Thickness: Up to 7/10" Thick
    • Quantity: 100 Pieces


7 Items

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