School Laminators

Every school needs a laminator. Whether you’re laminating flashcards, posters, folders, or signage, laminated materials last longer. A laminating machine ultimately saves  you time and  money, but choosing the right machine is key. Schools and universities of all sizes, across the globe, use laminating in their daily operations. Smaller schools may incorporate pouch laminators for their couple of classrooms so each teacher has control over their own individual needs, while larger schools may have an actual print room with a large roll laminating machine. Whatever your needs, you can find the best school laminator here at Binding101.

Not only do we accept school purchase orders without prior credit approval, we offer the best-in-class laminators that can hold up to your educational needs. They are designed to be easy to use, so multiple people can operate them without much training. And they are designed to be rugged, but affordable; easy to fit into the often-limited educational budgets. These school laminators were specifically designed for schools from Pre-K, to K-12, to University, as well as specialty and trade schools.

Our selection of school laminating machines includes various types of machines for different needs. One of the most popular school laminators we offer is the GBC Foton, which uses cartridges and is actually semi-automated, so you can walk away as it laminates. This is a major benefit for busy teachers, staff, and operators. We also offer more traditional roll laminators for the education industry, allowing for quick and affordable finishing. Desktop and floor standing, as well as thermal or cold/pressure-sensitive systems are available.

We have nearly 90 years in the industry, in which time we have been able to foster lifelong partnerships with the most world-renowned lamination manufacturers on the market. In our collection of laminating equipment, you will find brands like GBC, Xyron, Polar, Drylam, Ledco, D&K, and more. If you need help navigating the options, please feel free to give our expertly trained staff at (866) 537-2244 for professional recommendations. And don't forget to pair your new school laminator with our school laminating film for a beautifully clean finish.

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School Laminators
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