Cold Laminators (Pressure Sensitive)

At Binding101 you can find the best-in-class cold laminating machines for all of your sensitive document lamination needs. A cold laminator works with pressure sensitive films, to laminate without the need for heat. This makes them more energy efficient and, often, easier to use. The film has a release liner that, once removed, exposes the cold adhesive, which is tacky to the touch. Paired with a professional cold laminator, this film is ideal for use when heat could damage the integrity of your print. This makes it a popular choice for digital prints. Many of them are also capable of mounting foam boards, expanding your capabilities further.

We are partnered with the best brands in the industry, offering world renowned machinery from Xyron, Drytac, Royal Sovereign, Fellowes, Pro-Lam, and Artgrafix. These partnerships are backed with our strong foundation of 90 years in the industry. So when you shop for your cold lamination system here, you are assured not quality craftmanship and manufacturing, but also the proper service and support to go along with it.

Browse our wide variety of pressure sensitive laminating machines below, including both manual and electric units. You will find options available from 26" to 63" wide, and with various speed settings. If you have any questions while you shop, please call us at (866) 537-2244. And don't forget to pair with our premium cold lamination film for a beautifully clean finish.

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Cold Laminators (Pressure Sensitive)

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  1. Xyron 5" Creative Station Lite Laminator [Sticker, Label, and Magnet Maker, 624740]

    • Applies edge-to-edge permanent adhesive in 3" or 5" sizes.
    • Safe for you and the environment - cartridges are acid-free and non-toxic giving off no odor and making no mess.
    • Material Length: 18'
    • Built-in Cutter


  2. Xyron 9" Creative Station Laminator [Sticker, Label, and Magnet Maker, 624632]

    • Creative station laminator that doesn?t require heat or electricity
    • Acid-free and non-toxic cartridges that are eco-friendly and safe to use
    • Maximum Width: 9"
    • Built-in Cutter


  3. Xyron 9" ezLaminator Cold Laminating Machine [624672]

    • Cold laminator with a compact and portable design
    • Requires no heat, batteries, or electricity
    • Drop-in cartridge system that eliminates the need for pouches or pockets
    • High-quality lamination that won?t peel


  4. Drytac Jet Mounter 26" Pressure Sensitive Laminator

    • Variable speed-electric drive
    • Silicone rollers
    • Max Laminating Width: 26.25" (667 mm)
    • Max Board Thickness: 1" (25 mm)


  5. Polar Smart 25" Manual Cold Mounting & Laminating Machine

    • Made in the USA
    • 25" Width
    • Cold Laminating/Mounting (PSA Films & Boards)
    • 1 Year Warranty


  6. Polar E Series Laminators (Many Sizes)

    • Capable of Cold Laminating
    • Capable of Mounting up to 1/2" Thick Boards
    • 3 Feet / Minute Maximum Speed
    • Choose from either a 25", 38", or 55" wide models

    Starting at: $1,425.00

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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    25" Polar E Series Laminator Item#04POLARE2504POLARE25
    38" Polar E Series Laminator Item#04POLARE3804POLARE38
    55" Polar E Series Laminator Item#04POLARE5504POLARE55
  7. Drytac Jet Mounter 34" Pressure Sensitive Wide Format Laminator

    • Variable speed-electric drive
    • Silicone rollers
    • Max Laminating Width: 34" (863 mm)
    • Max Board Thickness: 1" (25 mm)


  8. 12" Pro Lam PL-1200HP Pocket Rocket Roll Laminator with Stand

    • 18 Feet / Minute Maximum Speed
    • Max Laminate Width: 12"
    • Capable of Thermal, Digital (Low Temp), & Cold Laminating
    • Capable of One-Side and Two-Side Laminating


  9. Pro-Lam PL227HP 27" Roll Laminator with Stand

    • Hot & Cold Laminating-Capable (Thermal & Pressure Sensitive)
    • Max Laminate Width: 27"
    • Single & Double Side Laminating-Capable
    • Variable Speed & Heat Settings


  10. Royal Sovereign RSL-2702S 27" Roll Laminator

    • Capable of Thermal, Digital (Low Temp), & Cold Laminating
    • Capable of Mounting (Up to 3/16")
    • Variable Speed & Heat Settings
    • Works with 2.25" and 3" Core Films


  11. Tamerica Versa Lam 2700HC 27" Roll Laminator

    • Size: 27"
    • Speed: 5' / Minute (Feet per Minute)
    • Warm-Up Time: 20 Minutes
    • Maximum Mil Thickness: 10 Mil


  12. Royal Sovereign RSC-1401CLTW 55" Wide Format Cold Roll Laminator

    • User Friendly controls and foot pedal for easy one person operation
    • Idler Bars add tension and help to eliminate wrinkling while laminating
    • Quick Notch system for gap adjustment and easy webbing
    • Castors on stand make it easy to move around the shop


  13. Royal Sovereign RSC-1651CLTW 65" Wide Format Cold Laminator

    • Capable of producing both single sided and cold lamination as well as mounting of display image.
    • Quick notch system for gap adjustment and auto grip hubs allow quick and easy roll replacement.
    • Digital controls for speed and includes a foot pedal for hands free operation.
    • Perfect for laminating and mounting pressure-sensitive graphics up to 65" wide.


  14. Xyron XM6300 63" Professional Cold Roll Laminator [100108]

    • 13 feet per minute laminating speed
    • Laminate document sup to 63" wide
    • Mount prints on boards up to 1-inch thick
    • Convenient refills for quick and easy changes between applications


  15. Phoenix 4400-DHP 44" Wide Format Hot and Cold Roll Laminator

    • Accepts materials up to 44" wide
    • Mounts substrates up to 1/4" thick
    • Pressure Adjustment with 5 lever controls up to 1/4"
    • Runs 1.5 mil to 10 mil films and PSA


15 Items

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