GBC Ultima 65 EZ Load Lamination Bundle
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GBC Ultima 65 EZ Load Lamination Bundle

Item #: 04GBC1880202
Brand: GBC
  • Speed: 10' / Min (Feet per Minute)
  • Warm-Up Time: 10 Minutes
  • Core Size: 1" Core
  • Includes: Ultima 65 EZ Load Laminator and 4 rolls of 3000004EZ 1.5mil 25" x 500' film
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • 85+ Years Experience
  • Oversize / Truck shipping
  • Brand New


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The GBC Ultima 65B (1710740B) is a new and improved EZload school laminator that comes packed with advanced features that leave the older model (1710740A) in the dust. It features a faster, less than 10 minute warm-up time, auto-grip shafts for easier and faster film loading, a pivoting table for uniquely easy access to the film, an attached idle bar for easy threading, auto-speed to help achieve the best speed for your lamination, a rear stop button that easily pauses the machine while viewing output, and a footage counter to track film usage and more easily allow you to manage inventory. The EZ-Load 65B laminating machine will help increase performance and productivity, and is known as one of the easiest and best school laminators on the market. It will handle your most common 3 mil lamination films in both the EZ load style and GBC NAP I films. This 27 inch roll laminator is the perfect solution for schools of all sizes and education-levels, making is fast and simple to laminate posters, signs, maps, documents, crafts, and prints of all kinds.
  • Thermal Laminating
  • Automatic Speed Option
  • 10 Minute Warm-Up
  • 1" Core Films and EZ-Load Film for Quick Loading
  • 10 Feet / Minute Maximum Speed
  • Includes Ultima 65 EZ Load Laminator and 4 rolls of 3000004EZ 1.5mil 25" x 500' film


Item # 04GBC1880202
Manufacturer GBC
Manufacturer Part Number 1710740B
UPC/EIN 033816065161
Compatible Films GBC Ultima 65 and Pinnacle 27 EZload Laminating Films
Power Voltage 120V, 60Hz
Dimensions 35" W x 21" D x 14" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 90 Day Manufacturer's Limited
Country of Manufacture CU, C/UL
Size 27"
Color Gray
Operation Electric
Double-Sided Lamination Yes
Single-Sided Lamination No
Thermal Laminating Yes
Digital Laminating (Low-Temp) No
Cold Laminating No
Speed 10' / Min (Feet per Minute)
Adjustable Speed Yes
Warm-Up Time 10 Minutes
Maximum Mil Thickness 3 Mil
Core Size 1" Core
Reverse Function Yes
Capable of Mounting No
Capable of Foiling No
De-Curling Device No
Integrated Cutter Yes
Liner Take-Up No
Stand-By / Power-Save Mode Yes; After 2 Hours Inactivity
Auto-Shut Off Yes; After 3 Hours Inactivity
Counter Yes
Shipping Weight (lbs) 111


With the updated GBC Ultima 65, called the 65-B, you can achieve all of the same simple school lamination projects as the previous model, with with even easier and more efficient opportunities. That'e because GBC listened to your comments on the Ultima 65 1710740A and has added an array of new features to the Ultima 65B 1710740B.

New & Improved Features

  • Now compatible with Ultima 65 EZ-Loading film
  • Faster 10 Minute Warm-Up Time
  • Optional Automatic Speed Setting
  • Rear Stop-Button for More Control
  • Built-In Rear Trimmer
  • Auto-Grip Shafts
  • Pivoting Feed Table
  • Slow Forward and Reverse Buttons
  • Includes Ultima 65 EZ Load Laminator and 4 rolls of 3000004EZ 1.5mil 25" x 500' film

How to Use the GBC Ultima 65 B EZload Laminator

The Ultima 65B is a fairly easy machine to use, especially when you opt for the EZload film. It is also compatible with standard films, but some users of the older 65 model had issues accidentally loading the film backwards; the EZ load film supply eliminates that potential issue. Don't let this deter you from standard film use, though; it only takes a little training and review of the user manual accompanying your machine to learn how to properly load and thread films of many kinds.

  1. Plug the machine in and turn on the heat. Select the mil thickness of the film you are using. You will see an hourglass symbol while it warms up.
  2. Choose the speed. It is recommended to use the automatic speed option, but you can turn that off and set the speed manually if you choose.
  3. Adjust the edge guides for your project and make sure they are set within the boundaries of your film edges.
  4. Once the hourglass is replaced with a green check mark, your machine is heated and ready. Press the green button to start the rollers in forward motion. Check your film to be sure it is feeding out properly by allowing a few inches to come out. This also helps avoid film wrapping to ensure they are completely threaded.
  5. Load your project. Check the back to ensure the speed and heat settings are working well for your application and, if they are, continue loading until your project is complete. If you need to make adjustments, press the stop button on the back to pause.
  6. Allow a few inches past your project to eject, and then use the built-in trimmer to cut off the end of your project. Adding a few inches of film after your job helps to prevent rolling of the film left on the machine, making your next job setup faster.

How to Load EZload Films

Loading the EZ load film is meant to be as trouble-free as possible...hence the name "easy load". These simple steps will walk you through the process, but remember to always check your user manual for more in-depth instructions. If you have film already loaded, you will need to remove it. Do this by opening the shield and pressing the blue tabs to swing open the table. Then cut the film, being careful to avoid hitting the rollers to avoid damage. A damaged roller is very expensive to fix, so this is especially important. Hold the reverse button until it is out of the rollers. Now remove the film rolls: open the holders by pinching the ends and lifting up the top.

  1. Plug the machine in and turn on the heat. Select the mil thickness of the film you are using. You will see an hourglass symbol while it warms up.
  2. Load the EZload film by placing into the machine with the color-coded ends onto the matching sides. The film will only lock in place if the colors match, making it impossible to load backwards.
  3. For the bottom film, bring down the tabletop by pushing on the blue tabs and swing the table open.
  4. Notice how the colors have swapped for the holders. Match the colors with the roll and place it in.
  5. Now straighten your film and pull it out and over the rollers. The top film will lay over the metal bar as well.
  6. You’ll see that the adhesive will begin to melt since the rollers have been heating this whole time. That is exactly what we want because now we can drape the bottom film over top and it will stick in place.
  7. Now bring the tabletop back into a working position and bring the safety shield down.
  8. To feed the film through start the roller with the green button and take a thicker card and push it into the machine until the rollers grab the card.
  9. When it first comes out, the film is going to be very wrinkled. So keep it running until the film smooths out. Then stop the machine and you are ready for your real projects.

In the back, if you are not careful the film could wrap around the exit rollers; do not let this happen. When first feeding it through, the film could also completely miss the back rollers. So you can stop the machine with this back button. If this happens, help guide the film into where the back rollers are; they are covered by a metal cover. You may have to back the project up first and then feed it through.

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