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Xyron XM1255 12" Cold Laminator Zoom

XyronPRO XM1255 12" Cold Laminator

Item #: 04XYRON1255

The XyronPRO XM1255 laminating machine ispressure sensitive, meaning that it doesn't use heat to seel lamination, just high-ressure rollers. Also called a cold laminator, it is compatible with the Xyron XM1255 Refills, which come in a variety of finishes and options including just adhesive, two side laminate and more. This cold laminator will allow for pressure sensitive lamination up to 11 ¾" wide. With this Xyron laminator, you don't need any heat or electricity to achieve a clear lamination; all you have to do is insert your item into the feed opening and rotate the hand crank to pull it through the machine. This applies even pressure from start to finish, for a consistent and professional finish. Because the XM1255 only uses pressure, there are no smells, mess or warm-up time to deal with; it is ready to go immediately, and runs at speeds dependent on the operator. The lack of heat also means it will work well for heat-sensitive and fragile items. Buy the XyronPRO XM1255 cold laminator online; it is a great machine for home-users, schools, offices and more.


Product Description


The Xyron XM1255 is a cold (pressure sensitive) laminator that offers three solutions in one machine. The XM1255 is capable of laminating with standard gloss double-sided film, a laminate / repositionable adhesive back, and a laminate / permanent adhesive back. This type of laminating applies a film or adhesive to the application using high pressure rollers. This process requires no electricity, eliminating smells, messes, and warm-up time. The cold laminators are extremely user friendly; perfect for home, schools, offices, and more.


Item # 04XYRON1255
Manufacturer Xyron®
Manufacturer Part Number XM1255
Operating Method Manual [No Electricity or Heating Needed]
Compatible Supplies XM1255 Refills
Speed N/A [Hand-Crank Operated]
Dimensions 10.5" x 13" x 15"
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited
Size 12"
Heating Type Cold (pressure sensitive) Laminate
Maximum Mil Thickness 2.7 Mil
Maximum Width 11 ¾"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 20
Product Weight (lbs) 14.75

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