At Binding101 you will find the best laminators for a huge variety of applications. Anyone from small work-from-home operations, to huge corporations with all-day laminating needs is sure to find a great machine for their individual requirements. We have a selection of premium lamination machines from the top-rated brands of the industry, like James Burn, Akiles, Ledco, Royal Sovereign, GBC, Tamerica, and more. Our long partnerships with these manufacturers combined with our nearly 90 years in the industry give us a unique edge to offer you not only the best-in-class lamination equipment, but also specialized knowledge for even the most unique applications. Just give our team a call at (866) 537-2244 to discuss your personal laminate needs so we can help guide you to the best options.

Choose from a wide selection of laminating machines to fit any industry need. We offer machines for pouches, film, cold films, schools, commercial operations, mounting boards, and more. We will quickly overview each type of laminator below, but please click on the sub-category you want to learn more about for more detailed information.

  • Pouch Laminators - We offer an extensive selection of pouch laminators ranging from 10 inch to 19 inches wide that can be used to laminate very small documents like cards and bookmarks, or very large documents such as menus, posters, and office signs. These thermal lamination machines use pressure and heat to seal lamination pouches around your documents, fully encapsulating. This complete coverage means you get the ultimate protection from tears, bends, and dirt, as well as liquid, which allows you to sanitize and clean the heavily handles pouches between staff and keep them protected from the spread of germs.

  • Roll Laminators - These larger laminating machines utilize laminate roll film and are most often used in more frequent lamination operations, like large schools, offices, print shops, and corporations. Standard format lamination widths range from 12 to 27 inches, and wide format machines range from 34 to 65 inches. These machines offer variable heat temperatures and speeds, which makes it easy to achieve the perfect bubble-free and crystal-clear finish on many paper types.

  • Cold Laminators - A cold laminator works with pressure sensitive films, to laminate without the need for heat. This makes them ideal for heat-sensitive lamination requirements, like digital and inkjet prints. They are more energy efficient and, often, easier to use. The cold films have a release liner that, once removed, exposes the cold adhesive, which is tacky to the touch. Paired with a professional cold laminator, this film is ideal for use when heat could damage the integrity of your print.

  • School Laminators - If you need a laminating machine for your school, then consider Binding101 as your supplier. Not only do we accept POs from schools and universities without prior credit approval, we offer only the best-in-class laminators. This means that they passed our rigorous tests for quality, ease of use, and durability. These school laminators were specifically designed for schools from Pre-K, to K-12, to University, as well as specialty and trade schools. Basically, users that have a few very specific requirements: purchase orders for payment, on-budget pricing, available customer care and support, quality output, and simple to operate machines.

  • Commercial Laminators - Commercial roll laminating machines are specially suited to the demanding workload of a commercial print and copy shop. These premium quality laminators offer impressive speed and output, along with stunning finished lamination. Most of them can also mount prints onto boards as well, expanding your capabilities further. These industrial laminators pack a powerful punch to handle even the most strenuous of jobs, producing print after print with gorgeous finish. These machines can handle the larger lamination film rolls, usually with either a 2.25" or 3" core size. They are packed with features that cannot be compared to other roll laminators, as they are truly a breed of their own. Commercial laminators are available in both tabletop and floor-standing models, so you can choose the best fit for your work environment.

  • Mounting Board Laminators - We offer a selection of the best-in-class lamination and mounting machines for all of your professional print finishing needs. You can choose from a wide selection, including both cold and thermal laminate machines, and in sizes from 14" wide to 63" wide. Our foam laminating machine collection includes affordable solutions for print shops, photos studios, and offices of all sizes.

  • Single-Side Laminators - With our selection of single-side laminators, you can create all of the posters, prints, maps, book covers, and other documents you need without spending the extra money for two side laminate. Single side laminators need a special decurling bar feature that prevents your document from rolling up into the roller as it laminates and, without this pieces, makes it impossible to achieve a professional one-side laminated print. You also need to use a special single-side laminating film in conjunction. Single sided laminating machines are available in several sizes to handle pages from 12" to 55".

  • Foil-Capable Laminators - Want to be able to laminate and foil prints? Look no further than our selection of foil-capable roll laminating machines. These units are designed to handle standard lamination film, so you can achieve the same professional finish you require, as well as handle our thermal reactive toner foils. This means that, with one unit, you can switch between laminating and foiling as often as you need, instead of needed two separate machines for each function.

  • Carts & Stands - Eliminate the need to take up existing table space by adding a laminator stand to your workroom. These stands are built to a comfortable working height for most users, and are made of sturdy materials to handle the weight of your lamination machine and heavy films/pouches. Several of them include convenient storage shelves for material storage, as well as rolling and locking wheel castors for mobility.

  • Lamination Trimmers - If you primarily cut lamination and other plastics, then one of our best-in-class lamination trimmers could be the perfect fit for your business! These premier cutters achieve perfect accuracy with smooth and clean slices through plastic materials, and much more. The variety of kinds of cutters that can achieve these beautiful results includes rotary style and cutter bars that can handle material as long as 100 or more inches.

We truly believe that you can find the perfect laminating machine for your specific needs from our selection below. If you need some help choosing a quality system, please give us a call at (866) 537-2244 so we can help you one-on-one.

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