Manual Coil Binding Machines

With our line of manual spiral binding machines, you can quickly and efficiently bind your own coil books without the need for electricity. They are one of the most popular solutions on the market, punching closely spaced holes to work with plastic spiral coil spines. These coil binding systems are ideally suited for lower volume users that bind less than 100 books or so per month, such as smaller schools or individual classrooms, offices with only occasional binding needs, or anyone else who needs a professional way to bind pages without outsourcing. Our manual binder systems will help low volume users achieve professional results without breaking the bank.

Browse our collection below. You will see that various machines may have a combination of both manual and electric features; we have categorized them as manual because the punching operation itself is manually controlled with a handle for all of these machines. If you think your volume warrants something more powerful, check out our electric coil binding machines instead. Otherwise, you are assured to find a perfect coil binder for your individual requirements from our selection.

Starting at only about $160, these small coil binding units punch in the most common 4:1 pitch hole spacing, or in some rare cases, the more unique 5:1 pitch. The holes that they punch may be either round or oval. The benefit of an oval hole punch is that it makes it much easier to roll in the coils, especially if you are making thicker books often. Most of these manually controlled machines will require you to roll the coils in by hand, and then use a pair of coil crimpers to finish each end of the spiral. Some of them, however, may have an integrated coil inserter that works with a foot pedal to roll them in quicker. You may also even find some duo machines that can handle coils plus either wire of comb. These innovative machines are called combination machines, and expand your capabilities quite a bit.

At Binding101 you will find only the best manual spiral coil binding machines. With nearly 90 years in the industry, our lifelong manufacturing partnerships have allowed us to offer the best-in-class equipment from world-renowned brands like Akiles and Tamerica. Whether you are buying for your small office, church or school, or if you're adding a binding machine to your home office or crafting studio, you are sure to find a great choice. Give us a call at (866) 537-2244 for guidance based on your individual needs.

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  1. Akiles RubiCoil Spiral Binding Machine

    • Capability to punch up to 10 sheets of paper (20#) at a time
    • 11" Punching Width
    • Features a binding slot on the inserting table, which aids in the manual inserting of the spiral binding coi
    • Can punch through paper and covers of many kinds, including pvc and plastic covers sheets


  2. Akiles CoilMac M Standard Manual Spiral Binding Machine

    • Operation: Manual
    • Punching Capacity: 17 Sheets
    • Open Ended Punch: Yes
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes, 5 Pins


  3. Akiles CoilMac ER Series Spiral Binding Machines

    • Choose from 2 models: CoilMac-ER (Round Holes) and CoilMac-ER Plus (Oval Holes)
    • Punch Capacity: 20 Sheets
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes [CoilMac-ER has 5, CoilMac-ER+ has 44 (all)]
    • Operation: Manual Punch & Electric Bind

    Starting at: $460.82

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  4. Akiles FlexiPunch-M Interchangeable Manual Binding Punch

    • Fully disengageable pins
    • Switching between dies is simple and requires no tools
    • Punching Capacity: 25 Sheets
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 12" [With Open-Ended Punch for Edges up to 24"]


  5. Akiles CoilMac M Plus Manual Spiral Binding Machine

    • Upgraded version of the extremely popular CoilMac-M
    • Oval holes make for easy coil inserting
    • 100% disengageable pins (53 total)
    • Punching Capacity: 17 Sheets


  6. Akiles CoilMac ECI 5:1 Pitch Manual Punch & Electric Coil Binding Machine

    • Punching Capacity: 20 Sheets
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 13"
    • Open Ended Punch: Yes [Allows for Books up to 26" Wide]
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes [5 Pins]


  7. Akiles CoilMac ECI Standard Manual Punch & Electric Coil Inserter

    • Punching Capacity: 20 Sheets
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 13" [with Open-Ended Punch]
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes [5 Pins]
    • Pitch / Hole Pattern: Spiral Binding 4:1 (.250) Round Holes


  8. Akiles DuoMac 431 Dual Binding Machine for 4:1 Coil & 3:1 Wire-O

    • Two Punching Throats: 4:1 Plastic Spiral Coil & 3:1 Metal Wire-O
    • Punches up to 20 Sheets at a Time
    • Disengageable Punching Pins
    • Includes 1 Year Akiles Warranty


8 Items

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