DIY with Binding Rings

Where can you buy the best loose book binding rings for DIY crafts, gifts, and projects? Right here at Binding101! We offer a large selection of binder ring styles, so you can choose the perfect little book ring for your individual craft needs. Plus, they are all of the highest quality, and will last longer than most other binding rings available. We have listed our selection of binder rings in order of popularity fact, the loose leaf metal rings are actually one of our top selling products of all time.

Metal Loose Leaf Binding Rings: One of our MPP's (most popular product) for many years, silver loose leaf metal rings are fun, inexpensive, easy to use, and made of a durable steel. They snap closed with a mating curved corner, which ensures that they stay closed and your materials won't fall out. But then they are easily opened and edited by just pushing those mated edges apart, and then pulling the rings open. They are available in sizes from 3/4" up to 2", and are rounded hinge rings in an attractive silver color. Simple, affordable, and so much fun -- buy your metal loose leaf binder rings today. All sizes are sold in packs of 100 rings.

Screw Lock Binding Rings: These unique rings are semi-circle book rings, featuring one straight edge that has a locking mechanism that screws together. This creates the strongest binding ring possible, and guarantees your materials won't fall out, even with very heavy handling. Screw lock rings are also made of a strong steel, so are not flimsy or breakable like some other book binding rings out there. Screw locking binder rings come in sizes from 2" to 10", so allow for a huge variety of applications. You can use them in your home for organizing materials, hanging curtains, making huge photo albums, and so much more! Plus, they are sold in small packs with just 10 rings, so you don't have to over-buy.

Plastic Binding Rings: Available in three different styles, plastic book binder rings are a light weight option that is perfect for DIY crafts, including mini albums, flip books and date books, journals, and more. The plastic snap lock rings feature a peg-and-hole closure that snaps easily. They come in round ring or oval book binder ring shapes. The overlap plastic rings have an open closure that overlaps (as the name implies). Plastic book rings also come in a few different colors, including clear, white, or black for some styles and sizes. Each are packed with 100 rings per bag.

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DIY with Binding Rings

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  1. Silver Metal Screw Lock Binding Rings (Pack of 10)

    • More secure method to bind documents than traditional loose leaf binding rings
    • Feature an actual locking mechanism that screws together, making it much less likely to come un-bound accidentally, even with heavy use.
    • Material: Metal
    • Ring Size: 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8" or 10"

    Starting at: $19.99

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  2. Silver Metal Loose Leaf Binding Rings (Pack of 100)

    • Easy, fast, fun, and affordable method of binding materials that may require frequent editing
    • Simply snap closed, securing your application in a tight grip.
    • Made of steel with an attractive nickel plated silver color.
    • Ring Size: 3/4" - 3"

    Starting at: $16.29

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  3. Plastic Snap Lock Binding Rings (Pack of 100)

    • Feature a snap lock closure that is secure once bound, but easy to un-bind by hand; simply pull the pegged side of the ring out of the hole to open the ring, or snap it in to close it.
    • Popular solution for at-home crafters making scrapbooks or photo swatches, as well as small businesses binding presentations, or even as small fabric swatches for samples.
    • Binder Ring Size: 1/2", 11/16" or 7/8"
    • Color: White & Black

    Starting at: $13.89

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  4. Overlap Plastic Binding Rings (Pack of 100)

    • Feature one edge that is overlapped, creating a gap for you to insert your materials through that is thin enough to still keep your items together, but is easier to remove when necessary.
    • Plastic material is durable, but lightweight, so they can hang from baskets, other paper, fabrics, and more without adding weight or breaking.
    • Color: White or Clear
    • Material Thickness: 1/8"

    Starting at: $16.59

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    White Overlap Plastic Binding Rings (100/Pk) Item#11KI10102711KI101027
    Clear Overlap Plastic Binding Rings (100/Pk) Item#11KI101027C11KI101027C
  5. Plastic Oval Snap Lock Binding Rings (Pack of 100)

    • Feature a peg-and-hole closure that is secure, but easy to manually open when changes are needed.
    • Popular option for lightweight fabric or paper swatches for samples, point of purchase displays, price and marketing signs hanging from baskets, crafting, and more.
    • Color: White
    • Material Thickness: 3/16"

    Starting at: $23.79

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5 Items

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