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Small Office

No matter what industry your business is a part of, if you own a small business and you need supply items, then let Binding101 be your one-stop-shop. We offer everything from binding machines, laminators, shredders, presentation solutions, ring binders, and more; anything you need for your office. Want to brand your business? Consider our custom branded supplies with your company name to help your business grow.

As a family-owned business ourselves, here at Binding101 we understand how important it is to stay properly stocked at fair pricing to stay below budget. With your small business in mind, we have created the below product categories that feature filtered product options that cater specifically to your workloads and volumes. If you need help choosing the best products for you, or if you can't find what you need, remember that we are here for you; just call us at (866) 537-2244.

   • Spiral Binding for Small Business - We have compiled a list of the best spiral coil binding machines for small businesses that have a need for a professional quality, but have a lower volume of books to bind. These machines are affordable, and can pay for themselves very quickly, even with a small businesses, startup, Etsy shop, artist, or anyone else's restrictive budget. You can also find wire binding supplies in any number of colors and sizes.

   • Wire Binding for Small Business - Wire binding is another great solution for smaller businesses, like startups, crafters, makers, and those with Etsy shops. Make gorgeous journals and notebooks, or use as presentation supplies for your clients. The variety of colors and sizes allow for a lot of versatility, while the select group of small businesses wire binding machines are perfect for your volume and finishing needs.

   • Thermal Binding for Small Business - For the fastest and easiest way to bind documents of all kinds for your office, try thermal binding. You choose from a wrap-around thermal binding cover (several soft cover and hard cover styles are available) and just place your pages into the cover, and place the cover onto the heating plate of your thermal binding machine. Then move it to the cooling rack. And that is all it takes! Perfect for a small businesses with a lack of time, because time is money! Thermal binding for small businesses is a major time saver, and a great way to elevate presentations with your smaller budget.

   • Report Covers & Folders for Small Business - Most of our covers are packaged with just 100 or even 50 sheets, so you don't have to buy bulk and be overstocked, while still offering near wholesale cover pricing -- perfect for a small businesses with a smaller budget and less space for storing binding supplies. A large variety of covers, means you can find clear acetate in several capacities (frosted, glossy, etc), as well as various colors and sizes of opaque covers, including paper, vinyl, and other binding covers.

   • Ring Binders, Hole Punchers, & Index Tabs for Small Business - Every businesses needs ring binders! Find the best pricing for your small office or home businesses at Binding101 - we offer near wholesale pricing on ring binders including view binders and poly binders, as well as on index tab dividers, sheet protectors, hole punchers, and other binder-related office supplies.

   • Staplers for Small Business - You can buy a stapler anywhere; we know this. But you can't buy high quality and heavy duty staplers that will last just anywhere. These select few staplers are more expensive that your average desk stapler, but they also have a much higher capacity to allow for book binding, as well as a strong and heavy duty build that is made to last much longer. Don't buy cheap and force your small business to re-buy over and over; buy a high quality stapler the first time and save in the long run.

   • Paper Shredders for Small Business - If your businesses does any kind of printed billing, or even has employee or customer files on-hand, then a paper shredder is an important asset to protect not just your customers, but your business. These small shredding machines are perfect for your smaller office that has a few users, and may need to shred as frequently as a few times a week. Don't trust a mobile shred service that uses low-security shredders, and stop paying repetitive fees to outsource; a one-time investment in a paper shredder for your business is a smart choice.

   • Laminating Machines for Small Business - A laminating machine is a great way to protect papers and display marketing materials for your customers. Whether you use them in your restaurant for the menus, as a cover for advertising in your store, or to protect photos and documents, laminating pouches are very versatile. This selection of small laminating machines are perfect for a smaller businesses with the need to make professional-quality lamination, without paying a really high price at a print shop by outsourcing. With the surprising expense of sending your items out for lamination, buying a lamination machine can have a very quick return on investment.

   • Sign Display for Small Business - If the storefront of your small businesses needs a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to display change-out and POP displays, then check out our selection of sign holders. Tabletop standing clips, wall hangers, and more are available in several different sizes and for different uses. The ability to edit the contents as often as needed makes them a perfect long-lasting tool for small offices, so you you don't have to re-buy them again for a long time.

   • Business Card Cutters for Small Business - Whether you run an Etsy shop and send out businesses cards with your shipments, or you have an actual storefront and want to display your cards for visitors, having a properly cut business card is important. With a small business card cutting machine, you can quickly make business cards (or cards of any kind) on-demand. No more waiting for a print shop to complete the job, or paying the exuberant prices; just print your business cards with any printer and on your paper choice, then run it through a business card cutting machine.

   • Marketing for Small Business - If you properly brand and market your small business from it's conception, you can achieve brand-recognition, clarity, and consistency quickly. The easiest way to do this is with custom printed marketing materials. We have the large format specialized equipment and over 75 years of experience to print a variety of materials for your business, including binders, index tab dividers, pocket folders, report covers, photobooks, display easels, and more.

   • Paper Handling for Small Business - Paper handling for a small businesses that doesn't have a lot of staff members nor time can be a hassle and a chore. With our small office paper handling equipment, however, you can speed up that annoying process and finish your paper handling quickly. We offer a quick collating tool, small cutters, booklet makers, numbering stamps, and paper folders that are perfect for small businesses of any kind.

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