3 Most Popular Business Card Cutters

July 4, 2018

3 Most Popular Business Card Cutters

The fastest and most efficient way to cut your own business cards is by using a business card cutter. Also called slitters, you can find cutting machines for business cards in several different formats, as well as for different volumes of cards. Individuals with their own home business, small offices, large corporations, and even print shops use a business card cutter to produce professional-quality finished cards. Here is a list of the 3 most popular business card cutters available:

• CardMate: for Low Volume

CardMate Manual Business Card Cutter

The CardMate is a manual business card cutter that requires 3-passes through the unit to cut one sheet into 10 business cards. You simply print your cards using a standard 10-up business card format / template, and then place your sheet into the first tray. Rotate the handle on the right side of the machine to pull the pages through, and make the first cuts, creating 2 strips of cards. Then you place each of these strips individually through the second tray to create 5 finished cards. Repeat that with the other strip for 10 perfectly cut business cards.

There are a couple limitations with the CardMate. For one, it will only cut in the 10-up format using letter size paper. This is not a problem for the huge majority of users, but some people want the ability to cut different card and paper sizes, which cannot be done with this small business card cutter. It also does not allow for a full bleed. A full bleed is when your printed ink runs all the way to the edge of the card. Because the Cardmate does not produce a waste strip between each of your cards, it is possible that some of the design from card 1 might end up on card 2. So while you could potentially use it for this, it is not set up to allow for a perfectly finished full bleed business card.

Priced at under $100, the CardMate manual business card slitter is the preferred choice for small offices, individuals with their own business (such as Etsy users), and even some smaller private schools. It allows for on-demand cutting of your own business cards, without an expensive investment into an electric machine. When you buy the CardMate business cardcutting machine, you no longer have to outsource your business cards to an expensive print shop, or wait for the job to be complete and shipped to you -- just print and cut them on-demand and as needed. Plus, it is so easy to use, that anyone in the office can make their own businesses cards without training. Instructions are printed directly onto the card cutter for quick reference.

•CardMac Plus: for Mid-Volume

CardMac Plus Electric Business Card Slitter

The CardMac Plus is a mid-volume electric card cutter that does allow for full bleed cards because of its gutter cut feature. It uses a standard 10-up business card format, and is quick to cut with 3 passes through the machine. They are activated by pushing in the tables once you have your sheet inserted. Just like the CardMate, just place your sheet into tray 1 of the business card slitter, line it up, and press the tray in to cut. Take the two strips of cards and place them, one at a time, onto the second tray and do the same thing. It produces perfectly cut, professional business cards.

The CardMac will cut a standard business card size from letter size paper, not allowing for versatility of card or sheets sizes. It does take a bit of time to align up your pages, as the alignment setup on the trays is a little fidgity, but once you have it set up once for your sheets, it will produce some of the highest quality cut business cards you have ever seen produced in-house.

The CardMac PLus is priced around $300, so is a very inexpensive electric card cutting solution. Most electric cutters are over $1,500, so this is a great buy. The CardMac is popular for small and medium-sized businesses that need the efficiency of an electric model, but don't have the budget to allow for a high volume slitter. The ability to work with full bleed cards lend to the popularity even further, as it offers versatility in the cards you want to use.

•CardMac Pro: for High-Volume

CardMac Pro Electric Business Card Cutting Machine

The CardMac Pro is a premium electric business card slitter that not only cuts standard 2" x 3 ½" business cards, but also has adjustable blades to allow for cutting of various card sizes including 1.77" x 3 ½", 2 ⅕" x 3 ½", 3.74" x 3 ½", 5" x 3 ½", and any other size from 1.18" to 9.84" x 3 ½". This versatility isn't seen in any other businesses card cutter on the market in this price range, making it totally unique. In addition, it is a single-pass business card cutter, meaning all you do is slide your pages into the tray once, and on the other side of the machine are perfectly cut cards. Again, making the CardMac Pro a first in it's class -- even much more expensive units require multiple passes. It accomplishes this with a multi-blade system that combines straight blades and rotary blades. It cuts the business card size pages as quick as 50 per minute. In addition, the blades can be replaced as they wear out, so you won't have to invest in a new machine when they eventually wear out, like some smaller machines.

There really aren't any limitations to this machine. It is small enough to fit on a tabletop, so doesn't take up a bunch of space. It cuts in one pass for the fast and convenient cutting of business cards, and allows for full bleed cards. It is a fantastic machine for any medium to large sizes business that wants to cut cards daily and in some higher quantities. Priced at just over $2,000, it offers a lot of bang for the buck with these unique features not foudn in any other machine.

Having a professionally made business card cutter will ensure a high-quality first impression when you hand them out to potential clients. The best way to achieve this is with a business card slitting machine, such as the models listed above. In addition to these three featured options, we also offer a select variety of other business card cutters to choose from. You can shop other business card cutters here, or give us a call for help choosing the best one for your needs.

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