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Akiles CardMac Plus Full-Bleed Electric Business Card Cutter


If you need an inexpensive electric business card slitter for your low volume card cutting needs, then buy the Akiles CardMac Plus business card cutter online. Featuring a gutter cut, this business card cutting machine can create full-bleed business cards so you can have ink that goes all the way to the edge of your card, without worrying about the ink from one card appearing on the card next to it. A 10-up cut format, the CardMac Plus will cut a total of ten standard 2" x 3 ½" cards per sheet of paper, and can cut at speeds up to 30 cards per minute. This desktop business card cutter is simple to operate and requires two passes through the machine to create your cards. First, print out your sheet onto letter size paper up to 350 GSM thick using the appropriate template. Center your page in tray 1 and feed it through. Once your sheet exits, place one of the two strips of cards into the second tray and make sure the red arrow is lined up between the 3rd and 4th cards. Press the sheet flush against both back stops, and aligned to the right of the tray, then push the tray in to make the final cut. Repeat this step for the second strip of cards, and you're done. The Akiles CardMac Plus is an affordable solution for professionally cut business cards, and fits comfortably on any desktop for use in an office or at home.


Product Description


Known as the most affordable electric business card cutter available, the CardMac Plus from Akiles is built to handle standard letter size 8 ½" x 11" paper and will cut a traditional 10-up format, which creates ten cards per sheet. It can handle paper stock up to 350 GSM, cutting one sheet at a time with strong, heat-treated steel blades, and will make the perfect addition to any office with low to medium-volume on-demand cutting needs. This means your employees can print and cut their own business cards whenever they are needed, so you can stop spending time and money outsourcing.

One huge reason why the CardMac Plus is so popular is the gutter-cut feature, which allows for the ability to create full-bleed business cards where the ink runs to the edge of the card. The gutter cut creates a thin strip between each card, which stops the design from one card, running over to the next one. Without this feature, your card designs can overlap each other; but with the gutter cut, your cards come out clean and professional.

With this full bleed business card cutter, you can create professional business cards from the comfort of your home or office. It is so simple to use that anyone in your office can do it. Just follow these easy CardMac Plus instructions:

   ①  Use one of the CardMac Plus templates to create your business card design. You can download the template in either PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Publisher formats.
   ② Print your designs onto the card stock or paper of your choice, up to 350 GSM thick, and place it onto tray one of the CardMac Plus.
   ③ Adjust the side guide knob to fit the sheet properly. The center point of your sheet should line up with the red arrow. If it doesn't, then adjust the tray by using the knob below the tray.
   ④ Once aligned correctly, feed the sheet through the tray. Discard the three waste strips, and you will have two strips of paper with five cards on each.
   ⑤ Place one of these strips onto tray two, and line up the red arrow between the 3rd and 4th cards on your sheet. If needed, you can adjust the side margin guide to align them correctly.
   ⑥ Place the sheet flush against the two back stops, and the right side of the tray.
   ⑦ Once aligned, use both of your thumbs to press the tray into the machine. Repeat this step for the second strip of cards, and you will have a stack of finished business cards ready for distribution.

If you are ready to start making your own business cards quickly, efficiently, and affordably on-demand, then buy the Akiles CardMac Plus online. It offers simple card cutting of up to about 30 cards per minute and is so easy to use, anyone can do it.


Manufacturer Akiles Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number ACM-PLUS
Brand Name Akiles
Operation Electric
Operating Method Electric
Power Voltage 110V
Speed 30 Cards / Minute
Dimensions 15" W x 12" D x 7" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 90 Day Limited
Can Cut Materials Paper [Maximum of 350 GSM Card Stock / 120 lb. Cover]
Sheet Size 8 ½" x 11" [Letter Size]
Capacity 1 Sheet
Cut Format 10-Up [10 Cards per Sheet]
Gutter Cut [For Full-Bleed Cards] Yes
Finished Card Size 2" x 3 ½" [Standard Business Card]
Product Weight (lbs) 18
Shipping Weight (lbs) 21

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