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Burnishine® Printers Pride Universal Fountain Solution Concentrate [Gallon]

Item #: 26PTZ3457G

With Burnishine® Printers Pride Universal fountain solution concentrate is one of the most dependable and foregiving fountain solutions on the market. It is ideal for use with small presses and metal plates, but is considered universal. Also called UFS, it contains special wetting agents that help prevent problems often associated with alkaline paper. Universal SM fountain chemistry helps maintain the proper pH and conductivity levels, while preventing toning. Thie fountain solution is concentrated, and should be diluted at a 1:15 ratio (1 oz. solution to 15 oz. water), ideally, using distilled or RO water. Container has 1 gallon of solution.

Qty/Pack : 1 Container

Product Description


Burnishine® Printers Pride Universal fountain solution concentrate is the most dependable and forgiving fountain solution ever developed for small presses running metal plates. UFS contains special wetting agents to help prevent problems associated with alkaline paper.

Universal Features:
   • Helps prevent toning and other alkalinity-related problems
   • Helps maintain proper pH and conductivity levels
   • Effective on all negative and positive metal plates
   • Most forgiving “small press” concentrate

Universal SM Instructions:
Fountain solution chemistry is concentrated and needs to be diluted before use. Mix 1 oz. of solution per 15 oz. of water (1:15). Distilled water or RO water will yield the best results.


Item # 26PTZ3457G
Manufacturer Burnishine® Products
Manufacturer Part Number PTZ-3457G
Quantity 1 Container
Size Gallon
Flash Point 150°F [65.5°C]
VOC Content 2.10 lbs/gal [251 g/l]
HMIS Health* 2
HMIS Fire* 2
HMIS Reactivity* 0
Vapor Pressure Not Determined
Compatible Plate Universal, Metal, Polyester, Photo-Direct, Laser, Camera, Silver, Black
Odor Slight Solvent Odor
Odor Threshold Not Determined
Boiling Point 212°F [100°C]
Vapor Density Not Determined
Specific Gravity (H₂0=1, at 72°F) 1.02
Freeze Point 10°F [-12°C]
Water Solubility 100%
Viscosity 72°F [Water-Like]
Decomposition Temperature Not Determined
Shipping Weight (lbs) 11

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