Burnishine is a US-based company that manufactures all of their products in the United States to top-quality standards. Their line of products are the best in the printing business, offering solutions that will be professional and meet the demands of the printing and pressroom industries. Plate chemicals, roller cleaners, and a variety of other products will help streamline the process.

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  1. Burnishine Plate Sav-Ur Alkiline Plate Cleaner, Conditioner, & Scratch Remover for Traditional Analog Metal Plates (3 Sizes)

    • One-step plate cleaner, conditioner, and scratch remover that works well for the large majority of metal plates.
    • Odor: Chemical Odor
    • Boiling Point: > 200
    • Freeze Point: 20
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    Burnishine® Plate Sav-Ur® [1 Pint] Item#26PTZPSP 26PTZPSP
    Burnishine® Plate Sav-Ur® [1 Quart] Item#26PTZPSQ 26PTZPSQ
    Burnishine® Plate Sav-Ur® [1 Gallon] Item#26PTZPSG 26PTZPSG
  2. Burnishine® Plate Care™ Preserver, Finisher, & Cleaner [Quart]

    • Compatible Plate: Universal, Metal
    • Odor: Slight Chemical Odor
    • Boiling Point: 212
    • VOC Content: 1.49 lbs/gal [179 g/l]
  3. Burnishine® Putz Pomade® Liquidflow Blanket & Roller Cleaner

    • Product Type: Blanket Cleaner
    • Size: 15 oz.
    • Quantity: 1 Tube
    • Part Number: LIQ13 / LIQ15
  4. Burnishine® Printers Pride Universal Fountain Solution Concentrate [Gallon]

    • Compatible Plate: Universal, Metal, Polyester, Photo-Direct, Laser, Camera, Silver, Black
    • Odor: Slight Solvent Odor
    • Boiling Point: 212
    • Freeze Point: 10
  5. Burnishine Aqua Blue Metal Plate Acidic Cleaner/Conditioner/Scratch Remover

    • Quickly removes ink - including UV - scum, light scratches, gum, and oxidation.
    • Makes plates more ink receptive and desensitizes plates for longer, higher quality runs.
    • Excellent for "on-the-fly" cleaning.
    • Quantity: 1 Quart (945 ml)


  6. Burnishine® Clear Gel® Roller & Blanket Cleaner

    • Perfect solution for printers and press workers who prefer a non-abrasive cleaning method.
    • Ideal for quick color changes, smoothly and speedily, including difficult ones such as from black to yellow.
    • Size: 32 oz.
    • Quantity: 1 Container
  7. Burnishine® Printers Pride Universal SM Fountain Solution Concentrate [Gallon]

    • Helps prevent toning and other alkalinity-related problems
    • Effective on all negative and positive metal plates
    • Flash Point: 150
    • Boiling Point: 212
  8. Burnishine® Printers Pride Ultrafount Fountain Solution Concentrate [Gallon]

    • Combats toning problems; helps ink dry faster
    • Helps eliminate or reduce alcohol use
    • Flash Point: 180
    • Boiling Point: 212
  9. Burnishine® Printers Pride Universal SM Plus Fountain Solution Concentratec [Gallon]

    • Protects against alkalinity and carbonless paper problems
    • Helps maintain proper pH and conductivity levels
    • Flash Point: 150
    • Boiling Point: 212

9 Items

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