Accessories for GBC Foton 30 Automatic Pouch-Free Laminator
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Accessories for GBC Foton 30 Automatic Pouch-Free Laminator

Brand: GBC
  • Continuous, automated laminating
  • Easy cartridge change-out (pouch-free)
  • 98% faster than manual-load pouch laminators
  • Automatic trimming
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The innovative new GBC Foton 30 laminating machine is the only one of its kind. It features an automatic feed system so you don't have to stand around and load pouch and after pouch; just place your stack of sheets onto the feed tray, press "run", and walk away while the Foton does the rest. It also includes an integrated trimmer that automatically cuts each sheet lengthwise. Quick-loading film cartridges are self-winding and just snap into place. These combined features save users an average of 98% of time over the manual alternatives. The Foton 30 laminator has three mode run options for laminating letter size pages, over sized sheets, and odd-sized shapes.
  • Pouch-Free System for Continuous Laminating
  • Double-Side/Encasulate Laminating
  • Small Desktop Footprint
  • Walk-Away, Automatic Feeding, Laminating, & Trimming
  • 3-4 Minute Warm-Up
  • 29.1 Inches / Minute


Manufacturer GBC
Manufacturer Part Number FOTON
Dimensions 22.7" x 9.6" x 18.8"
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
Size 11"
Color Black
Operation Automatic
Double-Sided Lamination Yes
Single-Sided Lamination No
Thermal Laminating Yes
Digital Laminating (Low-Temp) No
Cold Laminating No
Speed Up to 29.1" per Minute
Adjustable Speed Yes
Warm-Up Time 3-4 Minutes
Maximum Mil Thickness 5 Mil
Adjustable Temp No
Maximum Width 11"
Programmable Yes
Capable of Mounting No
Maximum Thickness 5 Mil
Capable of Foiling No
Integrated Cutter Yes; Automatic Lengthwise Trimming
Auto-Shut Off Yes


As an official dealer, we are so excited to share with you the brand new Foton 30 laminating machine from GBC. The first of its kind, the Foton 30 features automated functions without the price point you would expect with an automatic laminator. The automatic feed tray grabs from a stack of pages you place down, and pulls them into the lamination system. It spaces them perfectly for the least amount of laminate waste, and even automatically trims between each page. So what you get on the other end of the laminator are perfectly laminated, ready-to-go sheets.

Yes, you read that right; the GBC Foton 30 feeds, laminates, and trims your pages automatically. In fact, it even has automatic film detection, automatic film cartridge winging, and automatic shut off. All you have to do to use the Foton 30 is load in your film cartridge by opening the lid, sliding in the cartridge, and closing the lid. Then place the pages you want to laminate on the feed tray, press "run", and walk away! Simple and incredibly fast, this innovative laminating machine can save 98% of your time previously spent with manual alternatives. You don't have to stand there and manually feed your pages into pouches, and then the pouches into the machine; just load your film cartridge, load your sheets, press start, and walk away to perform your other tasks.

Key Features:

  1. Automated Loading - Saves 98% of your time as compared with typical manually-loaded laminating machines. The Foton 30 does the work for you, so you can drop in your stack of paper, and walk away to perform other duties.
  2. Automated Laminating - Incredibly convenient, just place up to 30 sheets onto the auto-feeding tray, press "run", and walk away.
  3. No Pouches Needed - No more standing by and manually inserting individual pouches. The convenient laminating film cartridges easily install for quick change-out, and offer the benefits you would get from continuous roll film, without the hassle. Cartridges will laminate an average of 230 documents each, depending on the size.
  4. Up to 11" x 17" Laminating - Easily laminate documents up to 11" wide and 17" long.
  5. Automatic Film Detection - The Foton 30 detects the film cartridge and knows what mil thickness is installed
  6. Automatic Trimming - Lengthwise trimming between pages is automated.
  7. Automatic Skew Correction - If pages are placed on the tray askew, the Foton 30 will automatically align them prior to laminating.
  8. Manual Feed and Trim Override - When working with extra small sheets, you may want to use the manual feed and manual trim override to eliminate as much waste as possible.
  9. 3 Mode Settings - The Foton 30 laminator has three mode run options for laminating letter size pages, over sized sheets, and odd-sized shapes.
  10. Auto Shut-Off - Low energy requirement and energy-saving mode.

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