5' Rhino Tables & Accessories
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5' Rhino Tables & Accessories

Brand: SpeedPress
  • Choose 5' x 8' or 5' x 10' Table
  • Add optional add-ons, such as roll holders and shelves
  • Self-healing Rhino cutting mat included
  • Table legs telescope to comfortable working height and adjust for uneven floors
  • Oversize / Truck shipping
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5' x 10' Rhino Table Kit Item#04CCRHINOT510 04CCRHINOT510
5-Roll Holder Add-On for 5' Rhino Table Item#04CCRHINORH55 04CCRHINORH55
Lower Shelf Add-On for 5' x 8' Rhino Table Item#04CCRHINOT58S 04CCRHINOT58S
Lower Shelf Add-On for 5' x 10' Rhino Table Item#04CCRHINOT510S 04CCRHINOT510S
5' x 8' Rhino Table Kit Item#04CCRHINOT58 04CCRHINOT58
Optional Caster Wheels for Rhino Tables (Set of 4) Item#04CCRHINOTLC 04CCRHINOTLC


5' wide Rhino work tables are the ideal cutting work station, and pair perfectly with the Rhino self-healing cutting mats. Available in either 8' or 10' lengths, these all-steel welded frames can hold as much as 1,500 lbs, offering a rock-stable surface with the capacity to handle industrial workloads. The blue powder-coated finish looks great and resists scratches. The legs are telescoping with stops every 2" for a customized working height between 32" and 39" tall. Included with the table kit is: the table itself, the heavy duty 3/4" work top, and a Rhino self-healing cutting mat with grid underlay.
Also available are a variety of Rhino table accessories, including roll holders to let you directly cut from roller media. The roll holders come in either a single-roll or a 5-roll option. You can also add an optional lower shelf to keep storage of materials close at-hand, or locking casters/wheels to create a mobile work station.


Size 5'


Rhino Tables:

Offering strength and stability the 4' Rhino Work Tables have a all steel welded frames with a weight capacity of up to 1,500 lbs. The Rhino Table is rock steady and will stand up to years of industrial / commercial service. Abrasion resistant blue powder coating looks good while providing optimum durability. Welded triple rails with corner braces add excellent stability. This is one tough work bench.

The Rhino Work Tables have telescopic adjustable height legs with stops at every 2" offering a maximum height of 39" and a minimum height of 32". This provides the work benches to be positioned to the perfect height for maximum comfort and productivity. Steel leveling feet allow for micro height adjustments for inconsistencies in your floor providing a perfectly level sturdy work surface. Save your back and keep your table flat and stable.

Each table includes a seamless table top made from 3/4" thick birch or MDF for a flat and level table. Also an anodized aluminum trim on all 4 sides protects edges and gives a modern, stylish look.

A self-healing cutting mat is included with your Rhino Table, keeping the table top scratch free. The translucent non-glare mat looks great while it functions effortlessly. Make a cut, then another cut a hair away. Mat doesn't gouge so every cut is flawlessly straight.

  • Extremely strong, welded steel frame
  • Adjustable leg height with heavy duty levelers
  • Rugged table holds up to 1,500 lbs. (3/4 of a ton)
  • Seamless tabletop has no creases or grooves
  • Tough, powder-coated finish
  • Included 180mil translucent no-glare self-healing cutting mat with grid underlay that is knife/solvent proof and won't gouge
  • Optional 1-roll or 5-roll media holders available (sold separately)
  • Optional rolling castor wheels available (sold separately)

Rhino 1-Roll Holder:

Conveniently cut directly from up a single roll of your most common media when you add on this 1-roll holder to your 4 foot wide Rhino work table. Included with the holder is everything you need to install and use, including the holder itself, the shaft for the roll, clamps, and all hardware. Easy to install, this convenient accessory can hold rolled media up to 60 lbs.

  • Extremely strong, welded steel
  • Holds up to a 60 lb. roll
  • Tough, scratch-resistant finish

Rhino 5-Roll Holder:

Conveniently cut directly from up to five of your most common medias when you add on this 5-roll holder to your 4 foot wide Rhino work table. Included with the holder is everything you need to install and use, including the holder itself, the shafts for the rolls, clamps, and all hardware. Easy to install, each shaft can hold rolled media that has up to an 8" roll diameter and weights up to 60 lbs.

These roll holders feature the same blue powder-coated finish as the tables themselves for a perfect match. The abrasion resistant coating helps keep it looking great and scratch-free for years to come, even with heavy daily use.

  • Extremely strong, welded steel
  • Each shaft holds up to a 60 lb. roll
  • Each shaft hols up to an 8" diameter roll
  • Tough, powder-coated finish

Rhino Lower Shelf:

Adding this optional storage shelf to your Rhino table makes it easy and convenient to keep all of your supplies and accessories close at-hand for quick, on-demand cutting. Included in shelf board itself, as well as the support rails, trim, and hardware for install. Just pair with the appropriate size Rhino work table and hold as much as 500 lbs worth of supplies on this added shelf.

  • Extremely strong
  • Holds up to 500 lbs.
  • Easily installs onto Rhino work table

Rhino Wheels:

Make your Rhino work table mobile by adding this set of 4 casters. Easy to install, these wheels lock and unlock by flipping the switch, making it movable when needed, while still offering a vert stable work surface when locked.

  • Extremely strong
  • Easily locked and unlocked as-needed
  • Adds mobility to your work room

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