James Burn Punching Dies

Binding101 provides a variety of James Burn binding solutions for your print shop or business. Their line of punching dies are world-renowned for their quality craftmanship; just pair with the compatible heavy duty punch machine to achieve incredibly accurate and clean punches for your high-volume needs. They offer fast, effective document binding for high volumes, making them ideal for print shops and binderies.


Want to speak to a James Burn specialist about your equipment needs? Give us a call at (866)537-2244 and we can connect you to our expert partner staff. If you’re looking for a binding die solution that can outlast the competition, browse the selection of James Burn punching die solutions below.

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  1. James Burn Express Die Sharpening Service

    • Extends the life of your current die.
    • Produce perfect holes with smooth edges, displaying quality to your customer.
    • Reduce wear and tear to your expensive equipment, preventing costly potential repairs or replacement.
    • Sharp dies will run faster in your machine.
  2. Dies for James Burn PB3300 & P3300 Punching Machines

    • Compatible with James Burn PB3300 & P3300 Punches
    • Choose from 3:1 or 2:1 punch patterns
    • Choose from square or round holes
    • Heavy-duty manufacturing with hardened steel

    Starting at: $1,282.00

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  3. Dies for James Burn DocuPunch PLUS

    • Compatible with: James Burn DocuPunch? PLUS Automatic Punch
    • Disengageable Die Pins: Yes (For Common Paper Sizes, Varies by Die)
    • Choose from Wire-O, Comb, Coil, Velobind, and 3-Hole die options
    • Heavy duty, top-quality manufacturing

    Starting at: $1,900.00

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  4. Dies for James Burn Alpha-Doc® MK4 Automatic Punch Machine

    • Easily interchangeable
    • Made of heavy duty tool steel
    • Offer perfect compatibility with the James Burn Alpha-Doc? MK4 automatic punching machine
    • 13 Punch Patterns Available

    Starting at: $2,150.00

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7 Items

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