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Punching Dies for James Burn EX610 Automatic Punch

Item #: EX610DIES-GRP

Punching Dies for EX610 Automatic Punch
EX610 Punching Dies
EX610 Die Sharpening
EX610 Heavy Duty Punching Dies
James Burn

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Product Name Price Qty
Wire-O® 3:1 EX610 Die [4mm Round Holes] Item#04JBEX61031R
Wire-O® 3:1 EX610 Die [Square Holes] Item#04JBEX61031S
Wire-O® 3:1 EX610 Die [with Thumb Cut Hole] Item#04JBEX61031ST
Wire-O® 2:1 EX610 Die [Square Holes] Item#04JBEX61021S
Spiral Binding Coil 4:1 EX610 Die [4.75mm Round Holes (0.248)] Item#04JBEX610248R
Spiral Binding Coil 4:1 EX610 Die [5x4mm Oval Holes (0.2475)] Item#04JBEX6102475
Spiral Binding Coil 4:1 EX610 Die [5x4mm Oval Holes (0.248)] Item#04JBEX610OVL
Spiral Binding Coil 4:1 EX610 Die [5x4mm Oval Holes (0.250)] Item#04JBEX61041OV
Plastic Comb EX610 Die [8x3mm Rectangular Holes] Item#04JBEX610PB

Express Die Sharpening Service Available | Binding101


Whether you are looking to expand your customer base by adding new punching patterns to your lineup, or simply replacing dies with new ones, we have the exact punching die that you need for your James Burn EX610 automatic punching machine. They are available in a large selection of punch patterns, including square and round holes for Wire-O, round and oval holes for spiral binding plastic coils, rectangular holes for plastic comb, 3 round holes for binders, and more. These heavy duty replacement dies are manufacturer-direct for guaranteed quality and perfect compatibility, whether you have the EX610 standard punch, EX610DA double action punch, or the EX610 duplex punch. If you don't see the binding pattern you need, call us at (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 for a custom EX610 die quote. Or consider our express die sharpening service if you want to sharpen your existing die.






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