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James Burn Express Die Sharpening Service


James Burn Express Die Sharpening Service
James Burn Express Die Sharpening Service

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We offer the official James Burn Express Die Sharpening Service, which will lengthen the life of your James Burn equipment punch dies, improve the hole quality, and reduce strain on your machine. We can sharpen the dies for a huge variety of James Burn machines, including the DocuPunch PLUS, Docupunch MINI, EX610 standard punch, EX610DA double action punch, EX610 duplex punch, and more -- and we can also sharpen nearly ANY die tool for any binding punch, even when not the James Burn brand. Sharpening dies is important for several reasons: for one, using a dull die can damage your machine, risking your equipment investment and causing costly repairs. A dull die pin can also damage the die itself, leading to whole die replacement. A dull die may also produce rough hole edges, which compromise your finished document quality and can ruin the relationships you have built with your customers. In addition to fixing these potential problems before they happen, a freshly sharpening die tool will produce perfectly punched holes that have smooth edges, improving the finished appearance of the document, as well as making inserting the binding element easier. For full details, or to request a quote for your specific die sharpening needs, call us at (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 or click the "get a quote" button below.





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