Accufast manufactures some of the best-in-class tabbing systems for the print and mail industry, meeting and exceeding USPS guidelines to ensure your mailers get to your customer without damage or returning to sender. They are made with simple instruction to make it easy for your operators, and are always tested for quality.

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  1. Accufast ET Tabbing System (Discontinued)

    • Tabs both booklets and self mailers with the appropriate tabs in the correct spots automatically.
    • Uses digital technology to place tabs per the USPS regulations.
    • Automatically determines the size of the piece and puts the tab right where it is supposed to be.
    • Dimensions: 20" L x 19" H x 23" W
  2. Accufast KT Tabbing System (Discontinued)

    • Minimum Sheet Size: 5" Wide
    • Maximum Sheet Size: 12" Wide
    • Maximum Thickness: 1/4" (Coated or Uncoated)
    • Speed: Up to 15,000 Pieces/ Hour
  3. Accufast ET/R Tabbing System (Discontinued)

    • Minimum Sheet Size: 3.5" H x 5.5" W
    • Maximum Sheet Size: 9" H x 12" W
    • Maximum Thickness: .2"
    • Speed: Up to 20,000 Pieces/ Hour

3 Items

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