Baumfolder, also called Baum, is a world-leading manufacturing facility offering innovative solutions for document inserting, packaging, bindery, and finishing. They are known around the globe for their innovation, performance, and support across all of these industries. Their focused goals have catapulted them to the top, and Binding101 is proud to be an authorized dealer of their best-in-class products.

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  1. Slitting Kit for Baum 714XLT/ XA Folders

    • Specifically designed for Baum 714XLT/XA Folders.
    • Allows you to trim edges from your digital printed material after folding.
    • Contains (2)Collar Blade Holder, (1) Blade-Slitting (Bevel), (1) Blade-Slitting (Flat), (4)Screw-Flat HD M5, (2) Screw Set BT M8x7, and (1) Metric Hex Tool Set.
    • Manufacturer Part Number: 53288


  2. Scoring Kit for Baum 714XLT/XA Folders

    • Expand the capabilities of Baum 714XLT or 714XA paper folder.
    • Uses a wheel to create a dent in the page, essentially marking where the page will fold.
    • Beneficial in this circumstance for heavier paper stocks that may naturally curl due to the back-bending folding rollers.
    • Score attachment enables the page to be run straight through using just the main drive roller and the roller directly above, which drives the sheet into the assembly.


  3. Perf Kit for Baum 714XLT or 714XA Folders

    • Improve and expand the capabilities of your Baum 714XLT or Baum 714XA paper folder.
    • Will help you achieve not only premium, clean folds, but also perforate your pages.
    • A perforated sheet tears cleanly when pulled apart.
    • Must be used with 714 Adjustable Slitter shaft.


  4. Baumfolder PM 80 Replacement Blades

    • Compatible with Baumfolder PM 80
    • Choose from standard inlay or high speed steel
    • Diamond Cut blades last longer than conventional knives
    • Premium, top-quality replacement blades

    Starting at: $308.70

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  5. Stand / Parallel Cart for Baum 714XLT Folder

    • For use with Baum 714XLT Air Feed Folder.
    • Measures 24" W x 24" L x 24" H.
    • Has two locking and two non-locking casters for easy mobility.
    • Featured with a bottom shelf to accommodate the air/vacuum pump.


  6. Extra Set of Fixed Slitter Shafts for Baum 714XLT/XA Folders

    • For use with your BAUM 714XLT and 714XA Folders.
    • Comes with (4) pull out tire assemblies but no tooling for perforating, scoring, or slitting.
    • Only limited to a a soft score using the rubber tire.
    • Manufacturer Part Number: S267-330-BG-01


  7. Adjustable Slitter Shaft Assy for Baum 714XLT/XA Folders

    • Specifically designed for Baum 714XLT and 714XA folders.
    • Enable micro-perforating of sheets by adjusting the fine tooth blade depth into the paper stocks.
    • Optional cartridge slitter shaft design can be installed in place of the existing fixed center distance slitter shafts.
    • Can be added to Baum 714XLT and 714XA folders but cannot be added to 714 right angle folders.


  8. Sound Covers for Baum714XLT Folder

    • Option for Baum714XLT Folder.
    • Consists of a top and a rear sound cover.
    • Contain a sound absorbing material that reduces the noise level that occurs during the folding process.
    • Manufacturer Part Number: S-343-133A


  9. Perf/Score Attachment for Baum 714XLT Folder

    • Specifically use for your Baum 714XLT Folder.
    • Allows multiple perf score and slit kits to be added to the machine.
    • Enables the 714XLT to run like a true perf/score machine.
    • Manufacturer Part Number: 343-105


  10. Baum 714XLT Ultrafold Air-Feed Paper Folder with Urethane Rollers

    • Quiet pump that handles both the vacuum and the air blow
    • Toner resistant and static dissipative folding rollers
    • Speed: 35,000 sheets per hour of letter size or A4 paper folded
    • Type of Folds: Letter Fold, Fan Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Single Fold,French Fold,Double Letter Fold,Engineering Fold"


  11. Baum 714XLT Ultrafold Air-Feed Paper Folder with Steel & Urethane Rollers

    • Quiet pump that handles both the vacuum and the air blow
    • Toner resistant and static dissipative folding rollers
    • Speed: 35,000 sheets per hour of letter size or A4 paper folded
    • Feeder Pile Height: 2"


  12. Baum 714XA AutoFold Automatic Air Fed Paper Folder

    • Speed: 32,700 Sheets / Minute
    • Fold Types: Letter Fold, Half Fold, Z-Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Gate Fold, Engineering Fold [Short-Z Fold]
    • Folding Capacity: 1 Sheet
    • Feed Tray Capacity: 500 Sheets [About 2" Thick Stack]


  13. Baum 714XLT Right Angle Folding System w/ Stands

    • Practical right angle folding system.
    • Ergonomic and easy to use control panel.
    • Right angle fold speed of up to 5000" per minute.
    • Suitable for paper of 3" x 5" and up to 14" x 20".


13 Items

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