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When print professionals demand quality, they turn to one brand in particular to ensure nothing short of the best results. Lassco Wizer has been one of the top name brands in the finishing industry for years, and we offer a broad selection of products that can help you improve your production time from start to finish and save money in the long run. We carry a wide variety of Lassco Wizer corner rounders, padding presses, and paper joggers as well as specialized machines for scoring, perforating, and numbering. We also offer an assortment of dies and accessories to help you upgrade your machine and keep it running smoothly for many years to come.

Every printing and publishing business knows just how important it is to prepare paper prior to processing. When it comes to giving books and other documents the professional touch they deserve, Lassco Wizer equipment is up to the task. Paper joggers are ideal for banks, mail rooms, payroll offices, and other businesses because they allow you to align cards, checks, envelopes, letters, and sheets all at once while also eliminating static in the process. According to recent studies, sharp corners are believed to interrupt thought and require more cognitive effort to process. Once those documents are properly jogged and prepared, you can create professional-quality results with the help of Lassco Wizer corner rounders. We supply desktop units and floor-standing models to suit any particular set of needs.

By choosing us as your one-stop shop for Lassco Wizer products, you reap the benefits of friendly service, fast shipping, customization options, and our price-match guarantee. If there is a specific model you have been looking for and you can't find it here, simply contact us. Our strong national buying power means that we may be able to get it for you and at an excellent price. If you have any questions or need help finding the right solution for your business, our courteous staff can help. Call, email, or chat with one of our friendly representatives today to receive further assistance. Spend $75* and get free standard shipping (click for details).

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Lassco Wizer

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  1. Supplies & Accessories for Lassco Wizer W100-3 Number Rite Numbering Machine

    • Compatible with: W100-3 Number Rite Numbering Machine
    • Various accessories & supplies available
    • Ink, ink pads, clips, supply kits, numbering heads, & more
    • OEM supplies and accessories will keep your W100-3 running smoothly, offering a clean and professional number strike

    Starting at: $6.75

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  2. Accessories & Blades for Lassco W635 Score Ⅱ

    • Reduce wear on the machine by the extra force required.
    • Scoring Blade for W635 Score II
    • Keep your finished pages clean and precise.
    • Quantity: 1 Piece

    Starting at: $37.00

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  3. Lassco Cornerounder CR-20 Corner Rounder with Die

    • Perfect for lower to medium volume.
    • One standard cutting unit is included with purchase.
    • Available sizes to select from include 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2".
    • Additional cutting units can be added to machine to offer a variety of corner sizes.


  4. Lassco Cornerounder CR-50B Corner Rounder with Die

    • Top choice for offices and print shops that need the versatility to be able to cut paper and plastic materials in larger size sheets.
    • Large 9" x 10" table offers more stability for larger sheet materials, and is made of wood with a metal base and handle, for durability and stability.
    • Corner cutter slides easily through paper and plastics up to 1/2" thick with a simple press of the handle, providing a clean, rounded finish.
    • Dies are very easy to change.


  5. Lassco Wizer W175 Ultra II Padding Press

    • Constructed of hardwood and cast iron steel
    • Rugged and dependable.
    • Capable of padding stacks up to 18" wide and 22" high.
    • Capacity: 10,000 Sheets (20 lb. bond paper)
  6. Lassco W635 Score Ⅱ 25" Scoring & Perforating Machine

    • Interchangeable perfing and scoring wheels
    • Perforating wheel contains 10 perfs per inch
    • Easily adjustable edge guide
    • Large working table measures 30" x 20", allowing for accuracy for even extra large paper


  7. Lassco Wizer CR-177 Corner Rounder with 1 Die and 2 Blades

    • Will cut through a maximum capacity of 1" of material.
    • Compatible Equipment: CR-177 Corner Rounder.
    • 1/8" and 1/2" corners or 1/4" and 3/8" corners.
    • Two blades and one, two-sided die.


  8. Lassco Wizer LJ-2 Paper Jogger

    • Align your sheets into a clean square stack.
    • Maximum Sheet Size: 11" W x 17" H
    • Number of Bins: 1 Bin
    • Bin Capacity: 2" Thick Stack (1 Ream)
  9. Lassco Wizer CR-60 Corner Rounder for Metal Signs

    • Heavy duty construction.
    • Fit quickly and easily into the CR-60 Corner Rounder.
    • Will round off the squared corners of metal materials for signs up to about 0.08" half hard aluminum.
    • Size: 1/2", 3/4", 1" or 1-1/2".


  10. Lassco Wizer LJ-8 Flat-Top Paper Jogger

    • Ideal for jogging very large materials such as large signs, marketing materials, newspapers and more.
    • Popular choice for many print facilities and large mail rooms that deal with a wide variety of materials and document sizes.
    • Does not have ridges around the table, making the jogging stack thickness and size limitless.
    • Number of Bins: No Bins [Flat]
  11. Lassco Wizer LJ-10 LasscoJog 3-Bin Paper Jogger

    • Gives you the capability to jog up to six reams at one time.
    • Maximum Sheet Size: 8 1/2" W x 11" H
    • Number of Bins: 3 Bins
    • Bin Capacity: 4" Thick Stack (2 Reams)
  12. Lassco Cornerounder CR-50 Manual Floor Standing Corner Rounder with Die

    • Offers fast and convenient rounding of sharp corners of paper and plastics up to about a 1/2" thick stack.
    • With just a press of the foot pedal, you can easily cut through paper, laminate, plastic sheeting and more.
    • Great choice for medium to high-volume production environments.
    • Additional corner cutting dies are also available so you can offer more variety.
  13. Lassco Cornerounder® CR-50 Manual Floor Standing Corner Rounder (Includes 1 Free Die)

    • Designed for a mid to high volume production environment.
    • Push block is included to help properly align small sheets.
    • Manual [Foot Pedal].
    • Die Sizes: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" or 1 1/2"

    Starting at: $859.00

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  14. Lassco Wizer LJ-4 Heavy Duty Paper Jogger

    • Features an over-sized jogging bin, which allows for larger sheet sizes and less hassle.
    • Maximum Sheet Size: 11" W x 17" H
    • Number of Bins: 1 Bin
    • Bin Capacity: 2" Thick Stack (1 Ream)
  15. Lassco Wizer LJ-6 Multi-Bin Paper Jogger

    • Ideal for larger mail rooms or for use in large payroll offices that produce and process high volumes of checks or letters.
    • Maximum Sheet Size: 8 1/2" W x 3 3/4" H (Checks)
    • Number of Bins: 4 Bins
    • Bin Capacity: 2" Thick Stack (1 Ream)


  16. Lassco Cornerounder CR-50P Electric Floor Standing Corner Rounder with Die

    • Floor standing unit that offers electric, foot-pedal corner rounding for paper and plastic materials up to 1/2" thick.
    • Extra long straight edge paper stops and a free push block accessory also help lend to a perfectly square stack, and a cleanly finished rounded corner.
    • Wood table offers an extremely stable and durable worktop.
    • A key-operated power switch prevents unauthorized use.


  17. Lassco Cornerounder CR-50XP Pneumatic Floor Standing Corner Rounder with Die

    • Perfect for high-volume users, including industrial print shops and production plants.
    • Makes cutting through up to a 1/2" thick stack of paper or plastic as easy as just a touch of a foot pedal.
    • Can double the speed of traditional corner rounders, allowing for up to 60 strokes per minute.
    • Very simple to use, and will speed up the corner cutting process while providing a professional finish.
  18. Lassco Cornerounder CR-55 Manual Floor Standing Corner Rounder with 1 Double-Sided Die & 2 Blades

    • Has a huge 2" thick stack cutting capacity that is four times as thick as most other corner rounding machines on the market.
    • Activated with a foot pedal, leaving both of your hands free to handle your materials.
    • A large 20" x 20" heavy duty table provides a stable work environment that makes it easy to work with even large materials.
    • Made in the USA.


  19. Challenge SCM Manual Floor Standing Corner Rounder with Die

    • Premium round cornering unit.
    • Cutting capacity of up to 2" thick.
    • Can handle paper and plastics of any size because of it's open table.
    • Accepts six standard size cutting units ranging in size from 1/8" through 5/8" radius.


  20. Spinnit FMMH-2.1 Two Spindle Hydraulic Paper Drill

    • 2-1/2" Drilling capacity
    • 15" x 32" Table size for extra large materials
    • Comfortable 36" table height
    • Takes up very little space with an 18" x 22" footprint


  21. Spinnit FMMH-2 Two Spindle Hydraulic Paper Drill

    • 2" Drilling capacity
    • 15" x 32" Table size for extra large materials.
    • Comfortable 35-1/2" table height.
    • Takes up very little space with an 18" x 22" footprint


  22. Spinnit FMMH-2.1C Two Spindle Hydraulic Paper Drill for Casino Cards

    • Fixed draw system allows for drilling 6 decks of casino cards at once.
    • 2-1/2" Drilling capacity
    • 15" x 32" Table size for extra large materials.
    • Comfortable 36" table height.


29 Items

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