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Manufactured by Powis Parker, Fastback® machines are at the cutting edge in terms of longevity, quality, versatility, and ease of use. These fast machines offer a variety of easy-to-use features, including one-touch function, which makes it easier than ever before to bind large quantities of documents. Our selection includes a variety of machines and binding strips to suit any application or operational need. Spend $75* and get free standard shipping (click for details). Streamline your binding operations by exploring our Fastback® binding selection today.

Customers of all kinds are raving about the latest Fastback® machines. Create professional tape-bound books in a flash without any special training by investing in the Fastback® Model 9. We offer Composition LX strips™ in several colors, so you can produce a leather-like composition finish. The Fastback® Model 20 is one of the simplest and fastest ways to bind books of all kinds, including presentations, manuals, reports, proposals, and so much more. Within just a few seconds, you can turn loose pages into a professionally bound book that offers lay-flat or fold-over reading options. The binding process is completely automatic, so there is no need to hassle with punching pages. Simply place your pages into the machine, select the “bind” button, and insert your binding strips.

Tired of dealing with high minimum order requirements or expensive printing fees? Call of the search and invest in Image Blank™ binding strips. These strips can be printed on in the comfort of your own home or office as needed. Produce a single presentation for a client or high quantities of marketing materials – these strips make small and large jobs simpler than ever before. We also carry an array of Perfectback™ temperature-activated strips in bulk. These unique strips allow you to use your own custom wrap-around cover without any specialty binding equipment. is one of the few equipment dealers who is authorized to sell Fastback® binding machines. All Fastback® machines that are in stock will generally ship within one business day, so you can eliminate wait time and stick to your production schedule with total peace of mind. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. By choosing us, you gain much more than high-quality binding equipment. Our customer service professionals are trained extensively and available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today for more information or further assistance.

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