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Fastback Model 9 Binding Machine

Item #: 04FBMODEL9

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The Fastback® Model 9 Binding Machine is a compact, yet powerful machine.  It can produce professionally tape bound books about 3.5 times faster than other traditional binding methods.  When you buy the Fastback® 9 binding machine online, you have the capacity to both tape bind and hard cover book bind from 10 to 250 sheets of 20 lb. paper (view the compatible supply items below).

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Product Description

The versatile Fastback® Model 9 Binding Machine is a compact, user-friendly, and affordable. The machine dimensions are 13" x 19.5", making it small enough to fit in almost any environment. Although small, the Model 9 is powerful and quick enough to produce finished products about 3.5 times faster than other traditional binding methods. The machine is capable of both tape binding and hard cover book binding. It binds books from 10 to 250 sheets of 20 lb. paper in 35 to 40 seconds, and is perfect for short-run and occasional jobs.


The Fastback® works with the following Powis supplies:

  • LX-Strip™
  • Image Strip
  • Binder Cover
  • Hardcover™ / Photobooks
  • Image Blank™
  • Image Back 
  • Headband
  • Endleaves


Item # 04FBMODEL9
Manufacturer Powis Parker
Manufacturer Part Number FB9
Product Weight (lbs) 17
Shipping Weight (lbs) 22
Suggested User Small Office, Medium Office
Binding Style Fastback Binding
Binding Operation Electric
Capacity Minimum: 10 Sheets [20 lb. Bond Paper]
Maximum: 250 Sheets [20 lb. Bond Paper]
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Fastback® LX Strips™ for Model 9
Power Voltage 115V
Dimensions 13" D x 19.5" W x 11" H
Certifications UL
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited
Type Fastback® Tape Binding
Punch & Bind Capability No [Binding Only]
Maximum Binding Edge Minimum: 8.5"
Maximum: 12"

Expert Reviews

Expert Reviewer: Mallory, Editor at BUY101Fastback® 9 Binding Machine Review
by Mallory Morsa
Hi! I am Mallory and I am the editor here at BUY101. I have been with the team since 2008, where I started out as a customer service representative, learning the in's and out's of every product we offer. I then moved into a roll of product management that required even more product research as well as new product training, sharing my extensive product and industry knowledge with our entire BUY101 team, and now, with you in my honest reviews.

Powis Fastback 9 Expert Review by Mallory Morsa


The Fastback® 9 is a less expensive alternative to the Fastback® 20, accomplishing the same beautifully finished tape bound spine, but at a much more reasonable price. Because of a few more manual requirements, I recommend this machine for offices who might need to make several presentations as often as every day, but not as frequently as throughout the entire day. If you need the machine to run every day, then I strongly recommend upgrading to the Fastback® 20.

What I like about the Model 9 tape binder is how easy it is to use. There is no punching, inserting or bind closing required… in fact, it is as easy as just folding the tape strip, placing it in the machine, placing your book block on top of it, pressing the bind button, then letting it cool for 3 minutes. That’s all it takes to make a professionally finished tape stripe book, so you can imagine that there is very little training needed, making it a great office machine that is accessible for multiple users.

As a crazy purple girl, I also love the look of the machine (check out some of my color inspiration on Pinterest). It is clean, pretty, and will look great in any office environment.

A retail price of just under $2,000 can cause some sticker shock at first glance, however, the ease-of-use and the speed of binding can pay for itself quickly. And for general office use, this is much less expensive that it’s bigger sister, the Fastback® 20, that retails for more than double, just under $4,300.

You may also want to consider that, even though this machine is very easy to use, and pretty fast (binding books in about just 5 minutes, depending on the user), it does require more steps and more manual handling than the Model 20. For example, you need to fold the strip prior to placing it on the machine, whereas with the Model 20 you do not. You also have to place the strip down and gently set your book block into it; static and other factors could cause a little hassle trying to get the strip to sit properly before you put the book block in. For the Model 20, however, it will automatically pull the strip into the machine (you do not have to fold the strip first).

Spending just under $2,000 on a binding machine can be daunting on paper, but please watch our video(s), and see just how easy it is to make these professionally-bound tape books. When comparing the speed alone to a more traditional method, such as comb, wire or coil, a tape binding machine like the Model 9 could greatly increase production. It is also insanely easy to use, so anyone in the office can bind presentations as-needed, without having to hassle a mechanic or trained staff member… anyone can do it (even your kids during take your kids to work day).

User Reviews

Great MachineReview by Tyler
We bought this for our sales team to be able to built their own presentations for clients quickly. I really liked how clean the binding edge looked with the tape strip, and our sales team really needed something that was fast and easy. The Fastback Model 9 has worked really well for our office so far! (Posted on 4/27/16)

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