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James Burn DocuPunch® PLUS Automatic Punch


The new and improved James Burn DocuPunch® PLUS automatic punching machine is the latest generation of the James Burn line of industrial binding machinery. It is as simple to use as a standard photocopier machine, which means that no special training is needed for your operators, making it easy to integrate into more versatile environments and departments. It features hands-free operation with setup that can be completed in under 1 minute using the LCD touch screen controls. The DocuPunch® binding punch machine is an impressive machine that has adjustable speed settings, with the fastest setting making it the fastest machine in its mid-volume automatic punching class. It was designed with the print on-demand market in mind, so your operators can quickly set up the machine, press start, and walk away. Installing and changing the punching die for different binding styles can be done in seconds, and a convenient storage hatch holds up to 3 dies for quick-access.

For more features and valuable information, check out our full product description below, and be sure to take a look at the specifications and even compare them to other machinery so you can make the best buying decision. If you have any questions, or are ready to speak to our James Burn experts, call (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 or email info@binding101.com.


James Burn DocuPunch® PLUS FAQs:

Q: When would I use the slower cycle speed settings?
The slower cycle speed settings are ideal for when you are punching mixed sheets with different paper weights, as well as when punching tabs. The fastest speed setting of 75 cycles per minute means that the DocuPunch® is actually the fastest machine in its class. The ability to slow down the speed to 50 or 60 cycles for different paper stocks and job requirements makes it very versatile.


Q: Can the DocuPunch® Dies be sharpened?
Yes! We offer an "express die sharpening service" that involves disassembling the die and sharpening not just the pins, but also the punch plate to ensure the best and longest-lasting results, re-assembling it, and mailing the die back to you. Click here to learn about the express die sharpening service and request sharpening of your DocuPunch® die today.


Q: The paper stock I use has a lot of static charge...will the DocuPunch® work for me?
Because this machine has top-sheet feeding and an anti-static brush at the exit, it DOES have the ability to work well with even high-static sheets (such as acetate covers).


Express Die Sharpening Service Available | Binding101

Product Description


The James Burn DocuPunch® PLUS has been upgraded and is now known as the fastest, easiest, and most reliable mid-volume book binding punch in its class. It is a part of the latest generation of James Burn automatic punching equipment, and is as easy to use as any regular office copy machine or printer. The control panel is a touch screen LCD that quickly and simply walks you through setup, allowing you to calibrate the machine for your specific job in less than one minute. And the DocuPunch® die changing process is even faster, taking just seconds to switch from Wire-O, to plastic coil, to plastic comb, and so on. This simple working process means that your operators don’t need any special training, so you can place the machine and begin working very quickly.

The DocuPunch® PLUS is also on rolling and locking castors, which allows for smooth and easy mobility of the machine; this means you are not tied down to one strict location for the machine, as you can move it to wherever your operators need to be at a certain point in time. It was designed for accurate medium-level automatic punching of books of all kinds, on-demand, directly from your copier or printer (including mixed stock from 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. index). Positive sheet pickup pulls from the top of the pile and a three-sided jogger prepares the pages for perfect registration and perfectly placed holes, every time. The punched sheets are kept in perfect pre-collated order, making the finished pages on the exit tray easy to handle and move to the binding stage. It will also punch index tabs that have a ¼” inset on the ends and are pre-collated into the finished sets.

Cycle speed is adjustable with three different settings, including 50, 60, and 75 cycles per minute, which amounts to approximately 76,500 sheets per hour at the fastest setting. This makes it the fastest binding punch in it’s class of similar machines. The slower settings are usually used for mixed page punching, index tab punching, and other more unique sheets. The adjustments mean you can choose the setting that suits your job perfectly and provides you with the best results. The pick thickness is adjustable from 0.4mm to 1mm, making for even more fine tuning, so you can produce maximum production output with trouble-free operation on various paper types. Even while the machine is in the middle of a job, you can make adjustments from the touch screen.

Maintenance of the DocuPunch® PLUS is simple, as it will tell you when it is time to oil your die, sharpen your die, and when the extra large chip bin is full and needs to be emptied. This removes the question of when and what preventative and general maintenance needs to be performed on the machine. The footprint is incredibly small for the power that this industrial binding punch packs; it will fit well into even the tightest space restrictions, and is easily moved as-needed on the heavy duty locking wheels.

DocuPunch® PLUS Dies Available:
Click here to shop the variety of DocuPunch® dies available.
   • Spiral Binding / Plastic Coil
   • Wire-O® Twin-Loop Wire Bindings
   • Plastic Comb
   • Velo Binding
   • Three-Hole for Ring Binders
   • Custom-made die to your exact specifications

Features and Benefits:
   • Running speeds of up to 76,500 sheets per hour with clean, perfect holes for finishing
   • Three adjustable cycle speeds, including 50, 60, and 75 cycles per minute
   • Adjustable picking thickness from 0.4mm to 1mm for various paper stocks
   • LCD touch screen control panel walks you through set up and informs you of basic maintenance needs
   • Hands-free operation allows you to load the paper, setup the job, press start, and walk away
   • There is no special training required for your operators; it’s as easy to use as a standard office copier or printer
   • Positive sheet pickup with beak and a three-sided jogger ensures perfect registration of your pages for perfectly finished punched pages
   • Automatic stopping with the built-in facilities that help avoid paper jams and increase safety for your operators
   • All operations and adjustments are simple and quick-to-perform, including die changes
   • Storage compartment holds up to three dies / tools for quick-access
   • Punches a wide variety of paper stocks, covers, and tabbed sheets from 5 ½" x 5 ½" up to 13" x 12", keeping them in perfect collated order
   • Compact footprint to take up little space on the operating floor, without compromising quality or power
   • Lockable heavy duty castor wheels for mobility and stability

The James Burn DocuPunch® PLUS is an extremely versatile and time-saving binding punch that works perfectly for pre-collated books, presentations of all kinds, reports, tabbed sheets, and mixed page documents; even those with standard paper, acetate, and more. It makes quick and easy work of your diverse binding punch needs, making it ideal for central reproduction departments (repro graphics and more) and digital, on-demand printers where efficiency and productivity are essential. Ready to buy the DocuPunch® PLUS automatic punch? Call our industry experts at (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 or email info@binding101.com.


Manufacturer James Burn
Manufacturer Part Number 04DOCUPUNCH
Suggested User Industrial
Binding Style Multiple Binding Styles
Operation: Punching Electric
Compatible Supplies & Accessories DocuPunch® PLUS Dies
Power Voltage 110v Single Phase 60 Hz
Castors Yes; Lockable
Dimensions 51" W x 28" D x 46" H
Punch & Bind Capability Punch Only
Setup Time Less than 1 Minute
Die Change Time A Few Seconds
Paper Size 5 ½" x 5 ½" up to 13" x 12"
Accepted Paper Type From 16 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Index
Feed Table Capacity 5 Reams (20 lb. Bond Paper)
Selectable Speeds 50, 60, or 75 Cycles per Minute
Speed Up to 76,500 Sheets per Hour
Sheet Pickup Top of Pile Positive Sheet Pickup with Beak
Pick Thickness Adjustable from 0.4 to 1.0 mm
Control Panel Digital LCD Touch Pad
Control Panel Notifications Die Needs Lubricating, Die Needs Sharpening, Chip Bin Full
Jogger 3-Sided Jogger
Die Sharpening Available Yes, Express Die Sharpening Service is Available
Disengageable Die Pins Yes (For Common Paper Sizes, Varies by Die)
Die / Tool Storage Storage Compartment Holds 3 Dies
Hands-Free Operation Yes
Designed For Accurate Mid-Volume Automatic Punching on Demand, Punching Pre-Printed & Collated Documents Directly from your Copier/Printer (Including Mixed Stocks)
Monthly Volume / Duty Rating 1,000,000 Sheets per Month
Special Training Required No Special Training Required
Product Weight (lbs) 704
Shipping Weight (lbs) 745
Shipping Information This item ships via Truck (Common Carrier). Free dock to dock truck shipping is available for qualifying orders. It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (866) 537-2244. Click here for full details.

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