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Clear Plastic Push-Lock Screw Posts (Pack of 100)


Our clear plastic push-lock screws are ideal for very thin booklets, even as small as just 2 sheets. They are 3/16" long, are clear, and feature one rounded head and one flat head. The flat head end (male side) of these plastic push-lock Chicago screws comes in either a small or large option. Although this end does feature threading, they are meant to be pressed and snapped together, not screwed together. The threading offers a secure locking feature that keeps them closed. In fact, they are so secure once closed that they are considered a semi-permanent bind that is extremely difficult to pull apart. If you need an editable solution, consider our aluminum screw posts. Or if you like the security of the bind that these offer but need a larger capacity, then consider our standard plastic snap lock posts. Otherwise you can buy clear plastic push-lock screw posts online and use them to organize bind thin, semi-permanent documents. They are bagged with 100 sets per pack.

Product Name Price Qty
3/16" Clear Plastic Push-Lock Screw Posts [Small Head] (100 Sets/Box) Item#24CLEAR316ZC
3/16" Clear Plastic Push-Lock Screw Posts [Large Head] (100 Sets/Box) Item#24CLEAR316LZC
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Push-Lock Post FAQs

Q: Do they come in more colors?
At this time, these binding posts are only available in a clear color.


Q: Do they come in thicker sizes?
These particular push-lock posts only come in this size, however, we do offer plastic snap lock posts that come in several capacities, as well as more colors.


Product Description


If you need to bind a couple sheets together, and don't want to use staples, buy clear plastic push-lock screw posts online at Binding101. Built specifically for thin booklets with as few as just 2 sheets, these small binding posts are simply pressed together through a hole on your sheets and create a strong semi-permanent bind. The bind is considered semi-permanent because once snapped together, these screw posts are extremely difficult to pull apart. It can be accomplished with some elbow grease and pliers in most cases, however, it is recommended that these only be used on pages that do not need to be edited in the future.

Made of a durable clear resin plastic, snap posts are available in either a small or large head option. They function the exact same way, the only difference is that the screw end (male piece) comes with either a 3/8" or a 17/32" head diameter; so the choice is based solely on user-preference.

The screw end is flat, and the post end (female piece) is slightly rounded on top and features a hole through the middle that allows the screw end to attach. The screw end does feature threading, although is not meant to be screwed in and, instead, just pressed and snapped together. The purpose of the threading is to create the strong hold and keep the pieces together through even heavy use.

Sometimes people call these zero-cap push lock screws, and even Chicago screws, but the most popular name for them is snap lock screw posts. They are a popular solution for offices that need to bind small presentations for clients with a more unique look than traditional staples. Because they are clear, they do not affect the printed area as much as many other binding methods would. This feature makes these thin binding posts great for full-color printed presentations and small swatches. No matter your application, our clear plastic push lock screws will look great, are easy to apply, and will create a very strong bind.

If you like the look of the plastic, and the functionality of the tight bind, but you need to bind together more than just a few sheets, take a look at our plastic snap lock posts. Or if you need a binding post that does allow for editing, then you can try our traditional aluminum screw posts.


Manufacturer Popco, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number SPPLASPUSH GRP
Quantity 100 Sets
Size 3/16"
Color Clear
Capacity Materials from 0.060” to 0.100” Thick
Material Plastic
Binding Style Screw Posts / Chicago Screws
Post Diameter 7/16"
Post Length 3/16"
Head Diameter 3/8" [Small Head]
17/32" [Large Head]
Slotted Side 1 [Post]: Hole
Side 2 [Screw]: Smooth

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