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Plastic Snap Lock Screw Posts (Pack of 100)


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Plastic snap lock screw posts are a great binding option for anyone looking for a lightweight, inexpensive, and semi-permanent binding post solution for their fairly thin books. Sized perfectly for standard punched holes, plastic snap posts are a popular solution for meeting presentations, engineering blueprints and drawings, small swatch books, small photo albums, and more. Easy to use, just place the post end through your punched hole, and press the  screw end through the post to bind. They will snap together and create a strong, semi-permanent bind that can only be pulled apart with great effort. Also sometimes called plastic Chicago screws, these plastic screw posts are available in your choice of colors from white, clear, or black. In addition, you can buy plastic snap lock screw posts online in sizes from 3/16" up to 1". They are sold in bags of 100 sets (100 female/posts and 100 male/screws).

Starting at: $12.99
Qty/Pack : 100 Sets

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Plastic Snap Post FAQs

Q: Can they be screwed together?
While the screw end does feature threading, these binding posts are meant to be snapped together. The threading is not used for screwing in and, instead, is used as a securing method to keeps the pieces together.


Q: Can they pulled apart?
Snap lock screw posts are considered semi permanent because, once snapped together, they create a very tight bind. They can sometimes be pulled apart with great force and pliers, however, are not meant to be editable, so may need replacing if un-bound. If you need binding posts that can be edited, consider aluminum screw posts instead.

Product Description

If you've been searching for a lightweight, low-priced, and hassle-free way to bind small swatches, presentations, photo albums, and more, then plastic screw posts might be a great choice for you. The are made of a durable resin plastic that is very lightweight, and are very economically priced, making them a popular choice for individuals, businesses, schools, churches, and many other users.

Plastic screw posts, also called plastic Chicago screws, are made of a two-piece design that easily snaps together. Simple to assemble, just place the post (female) portion into a pre-drilled hole, and then place the screw (male) portion into the post. With the pressure of your fingers, snap them together. They are sized to work perfectly with any standard punched hole, just like the ones used for three ring binders. Once bound together, they create a strong and semi-permanent bind that is difficult to un-bind (for a more temporary and editable binding post, check out our aluminum screw posts).

Choose from several sizes of binding posts, including 3/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", and 1" long options. In addition to the various sizes, you can also choose from three popular colors, including black screw posts, white screw posts, and clear screw posts.

Our plastic snap post fasteners are a great way to keep loose sheets together that need to stay together. Buy plastic snap lock screw posts online today; they look great with all kinds of presentations and materials, and can help you keep your pages organized and together.


Manufacturer Popco, Inc.
Quantity 100 Sets
Capacity Varies; Available in Many Lengths
Material Plastic
Binding Style Screw Posts / Chicago Screws
Post Diameter 5/16"
Type: Screw Posts Screw Posts
Post Length Available in Many Lengths
Head Diameter 5/16"
Slotted Side 1 [Post]: Slotted [All Sizes Except 1/8"]
Side 2 [Screw]: Slotted

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