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Plastic Snap Lock Screw Posts (Pack of 100)


Plastic Snap Lock Screw Posts
Plastic Screw Posts (Snap Lock) Clear
Plastic Snap Lock Screw Posts (White)
Black Plastic Screw Posts (Snap Lock)

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Qty/Pack : 100 Sets


Plastic snap lock screw posts are a great binding option for anyone looking for a lightweight, inexpensive, and semi-permanent binding post solution for their fairly thin books. Sized perfectly for standard punched holes, plastic snap posts are a popular solution for meeting presentations, engineering blueprints and drawings, small swatch books, small photo albums, and more. Easy to use, just place the post end through your punched hole, and press the  screw end through the post to bind. They will snap together and create a strong, semi-permanent bind that can only be pulled apart with great effort. Also sometimes called plastic Chicago screws, these plastic screw posts are available in your choice of colors from white, clear, or black. In addition, you can buy plastic snap lock screw posts online in sizes from 3/16" up to 1". They are sold in bags of 100 sets (100 female/posts and 100 male/screws).





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