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Plastic Screw Posts with Loops (Pack of 100)


These unique loop screws are the perfect blend between plastic snap lock posts and sign hangers, but with the added capability to edit the bound items and re-use the Chicago screws. They can either be snapped together around your foam board sign or book, creating a strong and semi-permanent bind, or can be screwed together to create an editable solution. The loop on the screw side allows for a wire, beaded chain, or other hanger to be placed through to hang the item in your shop or office. Just place the post (female) side through a pre-punched hole, and then either snap-in or screw-in the screw (male) side to bind. The post side does not feature traditional threading, but four vertical threads that create a strong bind, but also allow for easy separating. If snapped together, these screw lock binding posts are secured very tightly, making removing them extremely difficult and, sometimes, impossible. This option for a semi-permanent bind makes it a popular choice for anyone who doesn't plan to edit the items bound. The open loop for hanging is located on the screw side, and the entire piece is extremely lightweight, easy to use, and inexpensive. Available in white, you can buy these plastic screw posts with loops online in several sizes for different thicknesses of materials, all packaged with 100 sets per pack.

Product Name Price Qty
Snap Lock Loop-Screw Posts [3/16" White] Item#24MPLH187WH
Snap Lock Loop-Screw Posts [1/4" White] Item#24MPLH250WH
Snap Lock Loop-Screw Posts [3/8" White] Item#24MPLH375WH
Snap Lock Loop-Screw Posts [1/2" White] Item#24MPLF500WH
Snap Lock Loop-Screw Posts [3/4" White] Item#24MPLH750WH
Snap Lock Loop-Screw Posts [1" White] Item#24MPLH1000WH
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Product Description


If you love the functionality and convenience of our plastic screw posts, but want to hang your booklet or use them to hang a foam board sign, then buy these hanging plastic screw posts online. They are available in a selection of sizes, so you can use them for both thin and thick items, choosing the best size for your specific application.

The screw (male) end of these binding posts feature the loop hole that allows you to use a beaded chain, hanging wire, or nearly any other hanger of your choice up to 3/32" thick. They are a popular solution for shop owners who need to hang promotional signs around the store, as well as for behind-the-scenes training manuals and reference guides that are placed by machinery. These loop screws can be used anywhere where binding and hanging need to be combined.

These binding posts are available in white, and come in sizes from 3/16" to 1", so you can choose the best thickness for your specific materials. They are meant to work with standard hole punches that create 1/4" diameter holes, and can be bound one of two ways, allowing for more versatility depending on your application. Option one is to snap the posts together. This method makes them "snap posts" which are semi-permanent once bound, and extremely difficult to unbind. The threading locks into the post and creates a grip that is tight enough to stand up to even great pressure. The second option is to screw them together like traditional Chicago screw posts. This method allows them to be unscrewed and re-screwed back together as often as needed, so is great for documents that need to be edited, promotional signs that may be changed frequently, or any other application that does not need the security that comes with a permanent bind.

Sometimes called plastic Chicago screws, these binding posts look great, function perfectly, and are an inexpensive binding and hanging solution.


Manufacturer Popco, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number PUSHSCREWLOOP GRP
Certifications ROHS & SARA Title 3 Compliant Materials
Quantity 100 Sets
Color White
Capacity Varies; Available in Many Lengths
Material Plastic
Binding Style Screw Posts / Chicago Screws
Post Diameter 1/4"
Post Length Available in Many Lengths
Head Diameter 17/32" [0.53" / 13.5mm]
Slotted Side 1 [Post]: Slotted
Side 2 [Screw]: Hanging Hole

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