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Aluminum Screw Posts (Pack of 100)


Aluminum Screw Posts + Chicago Screws [Assorted Sizes & Colors]
Aluminum Screw Posts + Chicago Screws [Silver, Assorted Sizes]
Aluminum Screw Post + Chicago Screw Color Swatch
Aluminum Screw Post Extension Color Swatch

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Qty/Pack : 100 Sets


Aluminum screw posts are popular solution for quickly binding stacks of paper that need to be frequently edited, or binding 3-hole punched pages that do not belong in a ring binder. With one male (screw) end and one female (post) end, the two pieces of a binding screw are easily attached and detached as-needed by simply screwing them together or apart. This easy binding method also makes them a great choice for photo albums, swatch books, blueprints, engineering drawings, and much more. Also commonly called Chicago screws or Chicago screw posts, these book binding posts are available in several colors including traditional silver, black, gold, and antique brass. In addition to several colors, you can buy aluminum screw posts online in a huge selection of sizes from as small as 1/8" all the way up to 5". We even offer screw post extension pieces that can be added to expand the capacity even larger!





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