Custom Binding Supplies

There are a few ways to make items stand out. One of the easiest ways to create something unforgettable in its appearance and practical in its function is with our custom binding supplies. Binding101 not only provides an extensive assortment of standard binding products, we also offer custom solutions to meet your specific needs. We specialize in creating the following custom products:

• Custom Plastic Binding Combs – Not only can we meet your specific color and length requirements, we also customize your binding combs with printed or foil stamped titles and logos.

• Custom Spiral Coils – Get the spiral binding coil you need in the perfect color and length for your project.

• Custom Binders – One of the most popular branded binding supplies, a ring binder is great for universities, schools, and businesses looking for a professional way to display and distribute their logo or name.

• Personalized Folders and Dividers – From tax folders to medical dividers, adding a logo to these essential items has never been easier. Stay organized while presenting a professional appearance at all times with these products.

• Report Covers – Create a polished appearance with these high-quality covers. Our team will work diligently to custom create the end result you envision for your business or needs.

• Personalized Journals and Notebooks – Choose from several types of styles, such as wire bound, perfect bound, wrap, and other customization options, to create a product to meet your needs and high standards of manufacturing all in one.

• And More – From certificate holders to magazine binders and custom chip board sets, we have all the custom branded binding supplies you could ever need. Best of all, we offer fast shipping coupled with friendly service to ensure a pleasant experience from start to finish. Our product customization is performed by skilled individuals well versed in the creation of professional grade outcomes. Find the right choice for your needs today!

Have questions regarding the products or customization? Ready for a price quote? Give us a call at (866)537-2244 or email to request pricing or further details.

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Custom Binding Supplies

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  1. Velobind Navy Hard Covers

      Please call us at (866)537-2244 for a quote
      or click the button to the right.
    • Easy to use with any Velobind style machine
    • Choose from 3 spine sizes: "A", "B", and "C"
    • Spine "A" (Item# 40VHCCNAVY) up to 1/4", 60 sheets²
      Spine "B" (Item# 40VHCBNAVY) 1/4" to 1/2", 120 sheets²
      Spine "C" (Item# 40VHCANAVY)1/2" to 3/4", 180 sheets²
    Please Note: This item is custom-made to-order. Please call us at (866)537-2244 for a quote.
  2. Velobind Black Hard Covers

      Please call us at (866)537-2244 for a quote
      or click the button to the right.
    • Easy to use with any Velobind style machine
    • Choose from 3 spine sizes: "A", "B", and "C"
    • Spine "A" (Item# 40VHCBBLK) up to 1/4", 60 sheets²
      Spine "B" (Item# 40VHCABLK) 1/4" to 1/2", 120 sheets²
      Spine "C" (Item# 40VHCCBLK)1/2" to 3/4", 180 sheets²
    Please Note: This item is custom-made to-order. Please call us at (866)537-2244 for a quote.
  3. Custom Paper Certificate Holders

    • Logos can be Printed, Foil-Stamped, or Embossed
    • Single or Double Certificates
    • Textured Linen, Smooth Matte & Glossy Finishes
    • Choose Standard or Custom Sizes
  4. Custom Hardcover Certificate Holders

    • Single or Double Certificate Holders
    • Printing, Foil-Stamping & Embossing Available
    • Leather-Like Textured Finishes
    • Moire Liner & Satin Ribbon Corner Holder Options
  5. Custom Vinyl Certificate Holders

    • Printing, Foil Stamping, Embossing & More!
    • Padding Available
    • Wide Variety of Vinyl Colors
    • Single or Double Certificate Panels
  6. Custom Full-Color Coated Paper Report Covers

    • Ideal solution for those wanting a full-color digitally printed piece, without any texture.
    • Available with either a smooth or matte coating.
    • Can help your business stand out from the crowd.
    • Minimum orders starting at 250 sets.
  7. Custom Coverbind Hardcovers for Thermal Binding

    • Any style or color you need.
    • Can do a foil stamp, we can emboss, we can make custom sizes, windows, and more.
    • Spine sizes range from 1/8" for up to about 15 pages, to 2" for up to about 500 pages.
    • Can create window cut-outs in several standard sizes, or any custom size you need.
  8. Custom Turned Edge Hard Covers

    • Most unique and perfectly-finished hard covers.
    • Feature one material on the outside of a single-piece cover, and another on the inside.
    • Made with a material of your choice, wrapped around a rigid chip board sheet in nearly any size you may need.
    • Minimum orders starting at 50 covers.
  9. Custom Poly Report Covers

    • Plastic material is waterproof and easy to wipe clean, as well as incredibly durable and tear-resistant.
    • Stocked master sheet color range is also larger, so you have more base options to choose from.
    • Made into custom cut sizes, have window cut-outs, be punched for select biding styles, or be printed on.
    • Minimum orders starting at 100 covers.
  10. Custom Embossed Grain Report Covers

    • Offer a step-up from plain paper covers, without getting expensive or into the plastic cover range.
    • Made from a sturdy 80 lb cover stock, these pages have a texture embossed into the cover.
    • Available in an array of professional color choices, including black, white, navy blue, light blue, ivory, and red.
    • Minimum orders starting at 100 covers.
  11. Custom Vinyl Report Covers

    • Featuring a textured leatherette look on a thick stock that does't look or feel like a plain paper.
    • Has a fabric-like appeal that truly steps up your presentation game.
    • Available in a standard 15pt thickness or an ultra-premium 17pt.
    • Minimum orders starting at 100 covers.
  12. Custom Linen Paper Report Covers

    • Create gorgeous personalized linen report covers for any organization's needs.
    • Create fold-up pockets to make that cover sheet multi-purpose.
    • Classic, mildly textured look that has the appearance of fabric, but on a sturdy 80# or 100# cover stock.
    • Covers can be punched with a variety of binding styles, like coil, wire, comb, and velo.
  13. Custom Coverbind Thermal Binding Covers

    • Create any thermal binding covers you need.
    • Choose from the full range of spine sizes from 1/16" to 2" for soft covers, or from 1/8" to 2" for hard covers.
    • Standard colors include black, white, royal blue, navy, red, burgundy, light gray, and green.
    • Also create custom colors and use specialty materials.
  14. Custom Cut Twin-Loop Wire-O Binding Supplies

    • Binding Style: Wire-O Binding
    • Highest quality James Burn manufactured wire.
    • Large selection of colors and sizes.
    • Minimum order requirement starting at just $60.
  15. Custom Printed Tax Folders

    • Textured Linen, Smooth Matte & Glossy Finishes
    • Logos can be Printed, Foil-Stamped, or Embossed
    • Color Matching Available
    • Business Card Slits
  16. Custom Spiral Binding Plastic Coils

    • Wide selection of customization opportunities for spiral binding coils.
    • Made of a durable and flexible plastic.
    • Can be ordered in nearly any length, which can eliminate the hassle and waste normally associated with cutting to size.
    • Minimum Order Requirement: 100 Coils.
  17. Custom Pocket Folders

    • Create a beautifully unique presentation and storage solution.
    • Allow you to completely customize the look of your folder with special pocket shapes, windows, special closures and more.
    • Choose from a huge selection of styles, sizes, colors, materials, and personalization options.
    • Minimum orders starting at 250 pieces.
  18. Custom Plastic Binding Combs

    • Brand your business with the best quality binding spines.
    • Traditional plastic binding combs, including custom printing and custom cut-to-size pieces.
    • Can quickly and conveniently create small books.
    • Minimum order starts at just 100 pieces.
  19. Custom Binding Report Covers

    • Elevate your presentations to a new level, as well as offer a premium branding opportunity for your business, organization, or school.
    • Made of a thick, translucent plastic.
    • Top pick for businesses looking to create a truly stand-out report.
    • Large selection of paper report covers including the classic linen weave and embossed grain.
  20. Custom Chip Board Sheets

    • 20pt to 118pt Natural Chip Board
    • Made of 100% recycled materials
    • Size: Custom
    • Color: Brown/Gray/Natural

20 Items

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