Challenge Spartan 150A 15 ¾" Automatic Electric Paper Cutter
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Challenge Spartan 150A 15 ¾" Automatic Electric Paper Cutter

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Item #: 04CHLS150A
Brand: Challenge
  • Engineered and manufactured with safety standards to keep your operators protected
  • Features virtually maintenance free knife bar gibs.
  • Speed: 2 Seconds / Cycle
  • Cutter Capacity: 1 1/2" Thick Stack (About 375 Sheets)
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The Spartan 150A paper cutter is the automatic version of the Spartan 150SA (semi-automatic), featuring an automated clamping system that depresses at the same time as the blade, eliminating that previously manual step. In addition to this automatic clamping action, the electric cutting is achieved when the two cut buttons are pressed simultaneously. The cutter also features a clear safety shield that prevents the cutter from activating while open. The dual-hand operation and shield combination means your operators are kept safe, as no fingers or hands can be near the cutting area. With a maximum cutting width of 15 ¾", the Challenge 150A cutting machine works perfect for print shops, studios, law firms and offices that need to cut paper up to legal size. An LED light indicates precisely where the cut will hit your stack, and can be adjusted by manually rotating the handle on the front of the machine, adjusting the back gauge location. Manufactured by Challenge Machinery Company, the Spartan model 150A automatic paper cutter can handle stacks of paper up to 1 ½" thick at speeds averaging at just 2 seconds per cycle. If you want a fast, powerful, safe and efficient cutting machine, then consider buying the Challenge Spartan 150A automatic electric paper cutter online. Included free with your purchase are two high speed steel knives, three cutting sticks, a tool kit, a jogging aid and a knife-change safety holder. Also available in the Spartan 150 optional stand.


Item # 04CHLS150A
Manufacturer Challenge Machinery Company
Manufacturer Part Number 150A
Brand Name Spartan
Operating Method Automatic
Included Supplies & Accessories 2 High Speed Steel Knives
3 Plastic Cutting Sticks
1 Jogging Aid
1 Tool Kit
1 User Manual
1 Knife Change Safety Holder Assembly
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Optional Stand
Power Voltage 120V 60Hz, Single Phase AC
Speed 2 Seconds / Cycle
Actual Machine Dimensions 31" x 25.75" x 21.5"
Actual Machine Weight (lbs) 170
Shipping Length 42 inches
Shipping Width 31 inches
Shipping Height 55 inches
Shipping Weight 306 lbs
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited
Quantity 1
Size 15 ¾"
Cutting Width 15-3/4"
Cutter Capacity* 1 ½" Thick Stack (About 375 Sheets)
Safety Features LED Cutting Line
2-Button Activation Required
Cutter Disabled when Cover Open
Front & Back Covers
Product Weight (lbs) 170
Shipping Weight (lbs) 220
Shipping Information This item ships via Truck (Common Carrier). It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (866) 537-2244. Click here for full details.


The Challenge Spartan 150A Automatic Electric Paper Cutter is a sleek and strong 15 ¾" table-top cutter that is perfect for any professional office, copy center, or other on-demand printing environment. Holding true to the Challenge tradition, the Spartan 150-A cutting machine is engineered and manufactured with safety standards to keep your operators protected; safety shields cover the front and rear tables while the front and side cut buttons require two hands to simultaneously activate the cut cycle. 

Tough power cutting offers a 1/2 HP gear drive motor to power through up to a 1-1/2" stack of paper. Safety covers over the front table (the cutting area) and rear table will pop up after the cutting cycle ends, eliminating the need for the operator to manually do this, increasing productivity and ease-of-use. The Spartan 150A is made of a heavy duty steel, cast iron, and cast aluminum construction for a long life. Hardened steel components and bronze bearings on most wear surfaces increase the life of the cutter. 

This Challenge Machinery Spartan cutter features virtually maintenance free knife bar gibs. Gibs are devices used to control the knife position during a cut cycle assuring a consistent and accurate cut. Traditionally, these surfaces require routine lubrication because of the continuous surface friction they have with the moving knife bar. The Spartan 150A gibs however, are made of an advanced material called UHMW that is both strong and self-lubricating, resulting in virtually maintenance free durability. 

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