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MBM Triumph™ 4815 18 ⅝" Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter

Item #: 04MBM4815

MBM Triumph 4815 Semi-Automatic Cutter - Buy101
Triumph 4815 Semi-Automatic Cutter Features - Buy101
MBM Triumph™ 4815 Cutter Key Lock
MBM Triumph™ 4815 Cutter Back Gauge Adjustment
MBM Triumph™ 4815 Cutter Accurate LED Cutting Line
MBM Triumph™ 4815 Cutter Digital Display for Back Gauge
MBM Triumph™ 4815 Cutter Safety Cover
MBM Triumph™ 4815 Cutter Power Switch
MBM Triumph™ 4815 Cutter Two-Hand Operation
MBM Triumph™ 4815 Cutter Easy Blade Change

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With the MBM Triumph™ 4815 semi-automatic cutter, you get the same world-renowned ease-of-use, power and precision as the Triumph™ 4315 cutter, but with double the cutting capacity, as it can power through an astounding 3" thick stack. The 4815 paper cutter can cut media up to 18 ⅝" wide, and is mounted onto a sturdy and convenient stand that sits comfortably at 37" high, and includes a shelf for accessory and paper storage. As with all MBM Triumph™ cutters, the 4815 features the comprehensive SCS™ safety system that provides more protection for your operators than any other cutter safety package. To use, simply place your stack of paper into the cutter opening and rotate the calibrated hand crank on the front to adjust the back gauge. Use the LED cutting line and cm/in display screen to set the back gauge into your desired location. Use the wheel on top to depress the clamping mechanism against your stack. The blade itself is then activated when the user presses both of the cut bars at the same time. It is that simple - there are no confusing settings or adjustments needed. When you buy the MBM Triumph™ 4815 semi-automatic electric paper cutter online, you also have the security and safety measure of a key-activated power switch, so only authorized users are allowed access to the machine. Included free with your purchase is one standard cutting stick, one high quality German steel blade (replacement blades available), an easy-access tool holder and a jogging block tool to help you square your stack prior to cutting. To extend the already large work table, optional side tables are also available.

MBM Triumph™ 4815 Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter

MBM Triumph™ 4815 18 ⅝" Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter






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