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MBM Triumph™ 4315 16 ⅞" Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter

Item #: 04MBM4315

MBM Triumph™ 4315 Electric Paper Cutter
Triumph 4315 with Optional Stand or Cabinet
Triumph 4315 Cutter Key Lock Power
Triumph 4315 Cutter Main Power Switch
Triumph 4315 Cutter Adjustable Backgauge
Triumph 4315 Cutter Optical LED Cutting Line
Triumph 4315 Cutter Digital Display Backgauge Measurement
Triumph 4315 Cutter Transparent Safety Cover
Triumph 4315 Cutter Two-Handed Blade Activation
Triumph 4315 Cutter Easy Blade Change

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The MBM Triumph™ 4315 electric paper cutter is semi-automatic, activated by a two-handles that need to be pressed simultaneously. This two-hand operation is just one of the many safety features included in the comprehensive SCS™ safety package. In addition, the 4315 cutter requires turn-key power to keep unauthorized users out. It also has a transparent safety shield that is required to be in the down position in order for the blade to cut. To set the back gauge depth, simple rotate the handle on the front of the machine until the LED optical cutting line is placed over where you want the cut. This cutting line is extremely accurate and indicates exactly where the blade will cut your stack of paper. A patented fast-action clamping mechanism holds the stack in place, ensuring a precise cut from the top to the bottom sheet.The MBM Triumph™ 4315 paper cutting machine comes free with one standard cutting stick and one high quality German steel blade. It can be placed on any stable work station, or can be purchased with the optional stand or cabinet with shelves. Ready to add a safe and easy-to-use cutter with the ability to cut up to 16 ⅞" wide and a 1 ½" thick stack to your print shop or office? Buy the MBM Triumph™ 4315 electric paper cutter online, and consider adding cutting sticks and a replacement blade to keep on-hand.

MBM Triumph™ 4315 Electric Paper Cutter

MBM Triumph™ 4315 16 ⅞" Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter






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