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Booklet making machines fold and staple your books simultaneously, speeding up the process and reducing manual labor. They are ideal for offices, churches, and schools who want to streamline the process and make booklets, songbooks, pamphlets, and more quickly and easily. Booklet making can be simple with the right equipment at the ready. To ensure that you find a booklet making machine that suits your particular set of needs, we offer the top selection of models to choose from. Explore our assortment of electric and manual models today to find the best solution for your bindery or business.

Please email or call us at (866) 537-2244 if you have any questions or can't seem to find the booklet maker machine you have been looking for. We may be able to get it for you at an excellent price!

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Booklet Makers

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  1. Akiles BookletMac Semi-Automatic Booklet Maker

    • Fast and easy to use.
    • No warm-up time required.
    • Capacity: 15 Sheets [20 lb. Bond Paper]
    • Speed: 800 Booklets / Hour


  2. MBM Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker

    • Highly productive machine that has the capability to bind an 88 page booklet (or 22 sheets).
    • Will jog, staple and fold your books in one operation with quick and easy set-up.
    • When the cartridge is empty, it will automatically stop, signalling the operator to refill.
    • Speed: Up to 1,500 Sheets / Hour


  3. Formax Square iT2 Square Back Booklet Finisher

    • Guides users through the finishing process with text and bold graphics
    • Squares bindings on booklets up to 50 folded and stapled sheets / 200 page booklets of 20# Bond sheets
    • Produces a square binding and face trims in a single pass
    • Multiple functions in a small footprint


  4. Duplo DBM-150T Face Trimmer for DBM 150 Bookletmaker

    • Designed to connect with Duplo DBM-150 booklet maker
    • Equipped with an easy-to-access trash box.
    • Capacity: 50 Sheets
    • Speed: 2,400sets/hour


  5. DBM-150 Sheet by Sheet Booklet Maker Configures to DFS-2200

    • Suitable for short volume demands
    • Can be configured to a DSF-2200 Sheet Feeder and produce up to 1,720 booklets per hour
    • Create corner, side, or saddle-stapled booklets
    • 16-job memory


  6. MBM SF2 StitchFold-2 Bookletmaker

    • Uses patented magnetic stitching head technology, providing the reliability and economy of wire stitching. Dual sets of folding rollers assure consistent, professional results.
    • Replaces expensive preformed staples with inexpensive bookbinding wire; you save on material costs and nonproductive downtime.
    • Speed: 2,300 Booklets / Hour
    • Capacity: 25 Sheets [20 lb. Bond Paper]

    Starting at: $15,799.00

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  7. MBM Sprint 3000 Bookletmaker

    • Will jog, staple and fold your documents to make perfect booklets in one operation.
    • Set-up and adjustments are easy, making this a very user-friendly booklet maker.
    • Two stapling heads and four stapling positions gives you more versatility than most other booklet making machines.
    • Speed: Up to 1,500 Sheets / Hour


7 Items

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