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Folding & Creasing

High-volume projects require professional equipment, and may have just the solution you have been searching for. We offer a wide selection of automatic machinery that can revolutionize your operational processes. Whether making in-house coupons, raffle tickets, fliers, or marketing materials, our selection is full of creasing, scoring, and perforating machines that are up to the task. Many of the machines in our selection include multiple capabilities, so you can save time and money in the long run. Explore our selection today to find the perfect paper perforator, creaser, or scoring machine for your business. Spend $75* and get free standard shipping (click for details).

Creasing can significantly reduce or eliminate cracking at the fold of any digitally printed document. Unlike scoring, creasing is a process by which paper is prepared for folding by creating two parallel folding points. Creasing can lead to crisp, accurate folds with reduced stress on the fiber at each folded point. Our paper creaser collection includes cutting-edge equipment made by James Burn®, MBM® Corporation, and other trusted paper finishing experts. Many of the models in our selection come equipped with custom capacities to accommodate a variety of applications.

Unlike creasing, scoring only creates one stress point for the paper to fold. Scoring equipment employs rotary scoring wheels to crease documents so you can score and fold coated papers, heavy cardstock, and other materials. With the right scoring machine, you can also score the spines of books for a professional finish. Gain the convenience of a quick and easy paper perforator at your desk or workstation. We offer paper perforating machines with varying speeds and multiple blades to make document preparation a breeze.

Keep your scoring and perforating machines in good running condition by routinely replacing the blades. With general upkeep and care, your finished pages will be clean and precise every time. Sharp blades also reduce the extra force required to score or perforate, ultimately reducing operator fatigue as well as wear and tear to the machine itself. We offer a wide selection of replacement blades and other accessories at competitive prices. Operating on a budget? Bone folders are handy for making straight dents, so you can make your own pads of paper or fold thick stock easier. If you have any questions about our paper creaser, perforator, and scoring machine selection, please contact one of our friendly representatives today for further assistance or additional information. Email or call us at (866) 537-2244.

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