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Custom Plastic Binding Combs


Custom Printed Combs + Custom Plastic Binder Combs
Custom Printed Plastic Comb Bindings
Custom Printed Plastic Binding Combs
Custom Cut Length Binding Combs
Assorted Binding Comb Colors
Custom Cut Length Combs

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Minimum Order Requirement:
100 Combs
(Some options require higher minimums)
Price Match Guarantee


Here at Binding101 we can create custom printed plastic binding combs with your logo or text. Custom printed combs let you label your books so they have a printed spine for easy reading on a shelf. They also offer a one-of-a-kind look that sets you apart from the competition. We can customize plastic combs with your company names, logos, book titles, statements, and more, turning an ordinary plastic binding spine into a beautiful and unique tool that is sure to stand out. In addition to custom printing, we can also custom-cut combs to meet your requirements... whether you are making a mini book or an extra large book that is 24", 30" or even 44" long, we can cut and ship you combs in nearly any length you need.

Custom combs are great for real estate agents, the educational industry, and any other user who would benefit from having their logos printed onto the binding spine of an editable binding solution. You will often find custom plastic binder combs on product and training manuals, company reports, cookbooks, information booklets, children's books, and more. With minimum orders starting at just 100 combs and price breaks being available with higher quantities, we can help you get exactly what your businesses needs.

For the highest quality results, custom order plastic binding combs at Binding101. Call a sales specialist at (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 to request a quote or place your order today.

Minimum Order Requirement: 100 Combs (Some options require higher minimums)





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