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Custom Cut Twin Loop Wire-O® Binding Supplies


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Wire-O® bindings can be easily cut using any standard pair of wire cutters from a hardware store, however, if you need larger quantities of a specific non-standard length, then it may be more cost-effective and convenient to have us custom cut them for you with our specialized equipment. We offer only the highest quality wire binding elements, manufactured by James Burn, and cut to size in our own in-house production facility, located in New Jersey. Because we cut the twin loop wires down from large master spools, we can produce custom cut bindings in almost any length to meet your needs. They are available in our full range of stocked colors and wire diameters, so you can custom order wires as small as 1/4" or as large as 1 ¼", and in 3:1 and 2:1 pitch options.

Typically custom orders can ship within just 1 week, and quicker lead times may be available as well; just call our sales team at (866)537-2244 for a custom twin loop quote and production time based on the current schedule. With a minimum order requirement of just one box of wires (100 pieces), and bulk price quotes available for higher quantities, you won't find another that can beat the value here at Binding101. Don't need custom cut sizes? Check our our stocked 11" length wires or our spooled wire as alternatives.

Minimum Order Requirement: 100 Wires
(Some options require higher minimums)

How to Choose Spiral Binding Coil Size | Coil Sheet Capacity

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Custom Wire Binding FAQs:

Q: What is the minimum order?
Our minimum order requirement for custom cut wire binding elements is just 1 box, which is 100 wires. Bulk pricing for twin loop wire is also available for higher quantities. Click the button above to request a quote.

Product Description

If you need wire binding elements in any length other than the traditional 11" long Wire-O® twin loop bindings, then consider ordering custom cut wire bindings from Binding101 today. We offer only the highest quality James Burn manufactured wire, in a large selection of colors and sizes, and with a minimum order requirement starting at just 100 pieces (with bulk pricing available for higher quantities). Keep reading to learn more about customization opportunities, or call our sales team at (866) 537-2244 to request a price quote now.

Choose wire binders in the full range of sizes, including both 3:1 and 2:1 pitch. Choose the pitch you need based on the capabilities of your wire binding machine. 3:1 pitch wire binding spines range in sizes from 1/4" up to 9/16" while 2:1 pitch is available up to the largest 1 ¼" size.

Once you know the pitch you need, choose the wire diameter size using the below chart for guidance.

  Wire-O Diameter     Pitch (Holes Per Inch)     Sheet Capacity*     Book Thickness**  
  1/4"   3:1   45 Sheets   1/8"
  5/16"   3:1   60 Sheets   3/16"
  3/8"   3:1   75 Sheets   1/4"
  7/16"   3:1   90 Sheets   5/16"
  1/2"   3:1   105 Sheets   3/8"
  9/16"   3:1   120 Sheets   7/16"
  5/8"   2:1   135 Sheets   1/2"
  3/4"   2:1   160 Sheets   5/8"
  7/8"   2:1   190 Sheets   3/4"
  1"   2:1   220 Sheets   7/8"
  1 ⅛"   2:1   250 Sheets   1"
  1 ¼"   2:1   280 Sheets   1 ⅛"



* Sheet capacity is an approximation that was calculated based on standard 20 lb. bond copy paper, and may vary depending on the paper stock being used.
** Book thickness is based on a complete loose-book block that is measured without pressing it down.


Manufacturer Buy101
Brand Name James Burn
Size Custom
Sheet Capacity Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Recommended Book Thickness Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Binding Style Wire-O Binding

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