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Dies for Akiles FlexiPunch Machines


Wire-O 3:1 Die for Akiles FlexiPunch Machines
Wire-O 2:1 Die for Akiles FlexiPunch Machines
Spiral Binding Plastic Coil Die for Akiles FlexiPunch Machines
Plastic Comb Die for Akiles FlexiPunch Machines

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Product Name Price Qty
3:1 Square Hole Die for Flexipunch Item#04AKFLEXD31S
2:1 Square Hole Die for Flexipunch Item#04AKFLEXP21S
4:1 Round Hole Die for Flexipunch Item#04AKFLEXD41
Plastic Comb Die for Flexipunch Item#04AKFLEXDCOMB


These binding punch dies are compatible with the Akiles FlexiPunch-M manual machine, and the Akiles FlexiPunch-E electric machine. They allow you to expand your capabilities by adding the versatility of multiple book binding punch patters, including options for spiral binding / plastic coil, plastic combs, and Wire-O in either a 2:1 or 3:1 pitch pattern. Every die has fully disengageable punch pins, so you can customize the pattern of holes, making it easy to do a variety of sheet sizes. They feature a quick-change die design that makes it extremely each to swap out dies on your machine; all you have to do is pull on a lever and it is done in just a couple seconds. Expand the capabilities of your office, and buy dies for your Akiles FlexiPunch machines online today.




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