Hard & Soft Cover Combination Binding Machines

Accomplishing beautifully-bound hard covers and soft covers is simple with a Coverbind combination thermal binding machine. These systems are designed for ease-of-use and can help you achieve incredibly professional finishing without hassle. They are also incredibly fast, reaching speeds from 15 documents per minute up to 120 documents per minute with the automated models. Whatever you choose, these fast and easy binding machines work great for the compatible hard and soft cover binding supplies.


With our combination hardcover and softcover binding machines, you can improve your document finishing process in several ways.

  • First, you can improve the speed. As compared with traditional punch-and-bind methods, the thermal binding method is drastically faster. Sometimes making a single coil or wire-bound book can take several minutes, whereas, with even our smallest thermal binding machine, you can achieve 15 books in just one minute. This speed is absolutely unmatched by any other option on the market. This obviously allows for faster creation of books (whether for internal use or a job for your clients), but it also frees up a lot of time of your staff so they can focus on other duties.
  • Second, this leads to improved efficiency in the entire office, even outside of the binding station with the time that is freed up.
  • Third, you can improve your staff's morale with the simplicity of binding offered; this completely eliminates the hassle and tedious tasks typically associated with documentation binding for a happier employee with less strain on their arms and hands.
  • And fourth, you can improve the final look and presentation with the incredibly professional cover selection available, which includes hard covers both with and without window cut-outs, soft covers made entirely of classic linen weave, soft covers with a half linen / half clear cover composition, printable hard and soft covers that don't require any special machinery, and more. There are even glue strips that are not attached to covers at all, so you can use your own wrap-around cover pages.

So if you want the fastest, easiest, and most versatile binding machine, then consider one of our combination thermal systems today. At Binding101 we have nearly 90 years of industry experience, which allows us the unique opportunity to create lifelong partnerships with only the best brands on the market. Coverbind is just one of those brand names that is known for manufacturing best-in-class equipment that is tailored to users' needs. In addition to our experience, we expertly train our staff to offer the best customer service with the most knowledgable responses. So give us a call at if you need help choosing the best combo binding machine for you, or if you have any other questions.


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Hard & Soft Cover

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  1. Coverbind Accel Flex Thermal Binding Machine with Cooling Rack

    • System Capacity (Between Dividers): Up to a 2" Thick Spine
    • Cycle Speed: 1 Minute / Binding Cycle
    • Speed: 15 Documents / Minute
    • Approximate Annual Volume: Less than 2,000 Documents per Year


  2. Coverbind Accel Cube Thermal Binding Machine

    • System Capacity (Between Dividers): Up to a 5/8" Thick Spine
    • FastStart instant warm-up
    • Speed: 1 Document per Second
    • Approximate Annual Volume: Between 2,000 to 5,000 Documents per Year


2 Items

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