Single Head Staplers

Do you prepare documents that require a professional look that clients will appreciate? As the premier source for professional office supplies, that's where Binding101 can help. We are pleased to offer such a wide selection of heavy-duty single head staplers that can power through stacks of paper when you need them most. Explore our assortment to find the right manual or electric stapler today.

Every professional stapler we supply is made by an industry-leading brand; Staplex, MAX USA, Skrebba, and Rapid, just to name a few. Although we stock our selection with top-of-the-line staplers, we understand the value in variety. We offer a wide range of stapling devices to suit any need or preference, including everything from electric to manual and long-reach to saddle. Flat cinch staplers feature a steel-driven mechanism and dual staple guide to ensure superior performance by reducing the risk of jamming or uneven pressure. Long-reach staplers are ideal for binding books or pamphlets, but they offer the added convenience of being customizable by depth depending on the size you need.

Saddle staplers are also commonly used in bookbinding applications because they insert staples right into the spine of folded, printed booklets, catalogs, and manuals. Choose between flat or saddle mode to complete any project with speed and accuracy. Ditch the dainty desktop model and switch to a professional stapler that can power through up to 40 sheets of 20-pound bond paper. We have a wide range of options to help you get the right solution to suit your needs and budget. Have questions regarding any of the staplers in our selection? Give us a call at (866) 537-2244 or email to request additional information or further assistance. Please let us know how we can help!

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Single Head

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  1. Max USA HD-3DF Flat Clinch Stapler

    • Clean Flat Clinch Stapling Finish
    • Ultra Light Touch Closing Action
    • Capacity: 2 to 75 Sheets (20# Bond Paper)
    • Compatible Equipment: MAX No.3 Staples (No.3-10 & No.3-1M)


  2. Rapid 5080e Electric Flat Clinch Stapler

    • Great for large stapling jobs from 2 to 80 sheets thick.
    • Unique 5,000 staple cassette.
    • Includes a driver blade and all wearing parts as well as staples.
    • Throat Depth: 1.12" to 2"


  3. Staplex SU-100N Ultra Heavy Capacity Electric Stapler

    • Stapling Capacity: Up to 120 Sheets (20# paper)
    • Re-loads in seconds with 4 sizes of staples - 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 11/16".
    • Feature a jam-proof mechanism
    • Throat Depth: Adjustable, Up to 4"
  4. Staplex S-700-1NHL Long Reach Automatic Electric Stapler

    • Can staple up to 40 sheets (20# paper, or equivalent)
    • Re-load the stapler in seconds with the quick, pop-out front loading mechanism
    • Has an adjustable depth of up to 9-1/4"
    • "Hi-Low" switch allows you to adjust stapling impact so you can get the perfect clinch for each job
  5. Rapid 106 Electric Saddle Stapler

    • Features a hinged safety shield that automatically shuts the power off when lifted.
    • Thin design and optional narrow table that allow for stapling of very narrow items.
    • Capacity: Flat Mode: 40 Sheets (20 lb. bond paper) - Saddle Mode: 20 Sheets (20 lb. bond paper)
    • Throat Depth: Flat Mode: 4" - Saddle Mode: 9"


6 Items

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