Akiles Electric WireMac-E [3:1 Pitch] Item#04AEWIREMAC
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Akiles Electric WireMac-E [3:1 Pitch] Item#04AEWIREMAC

Brand: Akiles
  • Choose: 3:1 or 2:1 Pitch Model
  • Punch Capacity: 20 Sheets
  • Disengageable Pins: Yes, All
  • Operation: Electric Punch & Manual Bind
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  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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Akiles Electric WireMac-E [2:1 Pitch] Item#04AEWIREM21 04AEWIREM21


The Akiles WireMac-E is built to handle large workloads with powerful electric punching and precise manual closing. The heavy duty motor will punch through up to 15 to 20 sheets of standard bond copy paper at a time. Adjustable machine components, including side margin control, depth margin control and 100% disengageable punching pins, give the users the optimum ability to achieve the most precise and clean finish. Guides and scales on the front of the machine help you choose the best size wire for your particular application thickness, and a wire hanger on the front of the machine makes for extremely easy paper loading onto the wire. With the combination of heavy duty components, and the durability of this metal binding machine, the Akiles WireMac electric punch and bind machine makes a great choice for large offices and shops that need to bind medium to high volumes of Wire-O® on a daily and weekly basis. For a fast, efficient and professional wire binder, buy the Akiles WireMac-E online in either a 3:1 pitch model or 2:1 pitch model.


Manufacturer Akiles Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number WIREMACEGRP
Suggested User Large Office
Binding Style Wire-O Binding
Operation: Punching Electric
Operation: Binding Manual
Capacity: Punching 20 Sheets
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Wire-O® Twin-Loop Binding Supplies
Dimensions 16" x 16 ½" x 16"
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited
Punch & Bind Capability Yes
Maximum Binding Edge 14"
Open Ended Punch Yes (Allows for up to 28" binding edge)
Throat Depth Adjustable
Disengageable Pins Yes (All Pins)
Actual Machine Dimensions ( L x H x W) 23" x 16.5" x 18.5"
Shipping Length 20-1/2"
Shipping Width x21"
Shipping Height 14"
Shipping (Web) Weight 75.1 Lbs.


The Akiles WireMac-E offers efficiency and productivity in one easy-to-use Wire-O binding machine. With its heavy duty punching motor and complete system of functions, the WireMac-E makes wire binding fast, easy, convenient and professional, making it the ideal machine for medium to heavy volume workloads. The Akiles WireMac-E features state of the art mechanisms were especially designed with one goal in mind: to fully meet the needs of the wire binding industry. The WireMac E Electric Heavy Duty Wire Binding Machine is one of the most powerful electric wire binding machines on the market. It is available in either 3:1 or 2:1 pitch, is capable of punching up to 20 sheets of 20# paper, and includes a heavy duty wire closer that is capable of closing wire as large as 1-1/4". 

The WireMac-E features fully disengageable die pins offering clean and complete punching with different paper sizes. In addition, it features an open-ended throat, so you can even punch sheets larger than the specified 14" length. The Side Margin Control provides and evenly centered punch for all document sizes while the wire holder keeps the wire in place for easier inserting of sheets. The WireMac-E is foot-pedal operated, leaving both hands open to prepare your next book. It also features a diameter guide that measures your book thickness and tells you exactly what size Wire-O you will need to get the job done. The wire closer is adjustable so that you can achieve an exact and secure close every time. The reverse function works as an anti-jam feature for trouble free punching. The Akiles WireMac-E is fully featured, reliable, powerful, and best of all, easy to use. 

The Akiles WireMac-E retails for over $2,000... but Binding101 is able to offer the exact same machine at a much more economical price! With its complete system of functions, heavy duty motor and state of the art mechanisms, the Akiles WireMac-E Electric Wire-O® Binding Machine makes wire binding faster, easier, and more convenient than ever before.

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Expert Reviewer: Mallory, Editor at Binding101Expert Product Review: WireMac-E  by Mallory Morsa
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Hi everyone! My name is Mallory Morsa, and I am the product expert at Binding101. I have been a part of the Binding101 team since 2008, where I started out in service and sales, learning our customers' needs and how to offer truly exceptional service. After a of couple years, I moved into a role of product management that required in-depth product research, as well as training of our staff. And in my honest expert reviews, I am proud to share that extensive knowledge with you. Take a look at the product review below, which will highlight both the pros and the cons, as well as identify the ideal customer. If you have any questions or need more information, please call our customer care team at (866)537-2244. Thank you for stopping by, and please check out our Binding101 social media channels by clicking the icons above.


WireMac-E Binding Machine Expert Review by Mallory Morsa

The WireMac-E is a durable machine that is great for heavy duty binding, without getting into industrial binding needs. It is a good choice for offices, print shops, or small binderies that need to be able to bind professionally-finished wire-o books, daily (even all-day), but not at production-level requirements. If you want to look at the next step-up, consider the PB3300, which has a removable die, so you can do 3:1 and 2:1 punching (1 dies is free), has an electric closer on the machine, and is built to handle higher quantities for all-day production. If you are looking for something with the same quality components as this machine, but maybe you don’t need to use it quite as frequently (say, for less than 3 hours at a time), consider the WireMac-EX that is at a much more user-friendly price point and is a great comparison machine with the same features (the only difference is the motor… and the look of the machine).

I like the huge range of features on this machine… it has all the bells and whistles to help you get the perfectly accurate punch pattern and perfectly closed wire for a professional finished book. One of my favorite features is the wire hanger on the front of the machine (that black comb-looking thing)… it is such a simple addition, and something you would never know you needed unless you tried to put your pages on your wire without it. It basically holds the wire in place so you can add your sheets as they are punched, eliminating the hassle of pages falling off your wire, or handling the wire and pages at the same time trying to get them to fit together perfectly (you get one wire loop in, and another falls out… so frustrating!). This speeds up the process a surprising amount! You may have also read in my other reviews about the punching pin disengagement feature… I am in love with this capability! It lets you tell the machine “No! You will NOT punch this specific hole” (hehehe) which is fantastic because you can make cool punching patterns (like every three holes, or in a 2-5-2-5 pattern, or whatever you want!) and it lets you stop those ugly half-holes on the edges of you books… it basically gives you full control over customization of the hole punches… well not “basically”… it does give you complete control, so you can make fun books and journals like the ones on our Pinterest page.

The punching is electric, but the closing is still done manually using a handle, so there is some room for operator error and some manual set-up for the wire closing (consider adding the FlexiCloser for a great electric closing solution, or checking out the ). I am not a big fan of the crank on the right side of the machine that sets the wire closer size either, because it can take a long time and be a pain to get it from one end of the machine to the other; although I do feel like this method is more accurate than moving a dial, it can just be a bit of a hassle if you have to change from small to large wires frequently. You should also keep in mind that this machine comes in either a 3:1 or 2:1 model option, meaning you would have to buy both models to get the full range of wire sizes…so you will be limited in that way (hint: 2:1 has special wire spines available to do the full range of sizes, but colors may be limited).

The WireMac-E is a great machine… it is made of high quality parts and components and can be used for heavy duty wire-o binding that is done all day long. It still has a manual wire closing feature, so might not be the best solution for super high volume binding, but that doesn’t take away from the quality of the heavy duty parts. It has a full range of great features that make customizing your book fast and easy, and will always give you a professional and really classy finished bound book. If the ideal-user I have described in my review sounds like you, then I highly recommend this wire binding machine.

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